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1 Angel Bakeries (Salomon A. Angel)
מאפיות אנג'ל (שלמה א. אנג'ל בע"מ)
TASE Israel A publicly traded Israeli manufacturer and supplier of bread and pastry products. The company operates bakeries in various sett...
2 Anglo Saxon Real Estate Agency (Israel 1992)
אנגלו סכסון סוכנות לנכסים (ישראל 1992)
Private Israel A private Israeli network of real estate agencies with 80 branches. The company operates branches in the settlements of Adam (G...
3 Dalia Eliaspor Building Contracting Co. 1972
דליה אליאספור חברה קבלנית לבניה 1972
Private Israel A private Israeli construction company. The company was involved in construction projects in the following settlements in occup...
4 Efgad Engineering and Construction Works
אפגד חברה לעבודות הנדסה ובנין
Private Israel A development and construction firm. The company constructed housing projects in the settlement of Ariel in the occupied West...
5 Galnor Building & Development LTD.
גלנור בינוי ופיתוח בע״מ
Private Israel A private Israeli construction and development company. The company carried out road and infrastructure development work in the...
6 Housing and Construction Holding Co. (Shikun & Binui Group)
שיכון ובינוי בע”מ
TASE Israel A publicly-traded Israeli infrastructure and real estate company involved in various fields, including infrastructure, real estate...
7 JCB (JC Bamford Excavators)
Private UK The world’s third largest construction equipment manufacturer, which manufactures equipment used in the agricultural, constr...
8 Kotler Adika Building Company
קוטלר עדיקא חברה לבניה
Private Israel A private Israeli construction and development company. Kotler Adika is involved in numerous construction and infrastructure proje...
9 Menorah Mivtahim Holdings
מנורה מבטחים אחזקות בע"מ
TASE, Public Israel A publicly-traded Israeli company operating in the all fields relating to life insurance, pension, general insurance and health in...
10 Mizrahi Tefahot Bank
בנק מזרחי טפחות
TASE Israel, Mexico, Occupied Palestinian Territory An Israeli commercial bank. The bank accompanies construction projects in settlements constructed on occupied Palestinian terri...
11 REMAX Israel (Impact Property Developers)
(רימקס ישראל (אימפקט פיתוח נכסים
Private Israel A private Israeli company that holds the Israeli franchise of the global US-based real estate brokerage network RE/MAX. The com...
12 Shapir Engineering and Industry
שפיר הנדסה ותעשיה בע"מ
TASE Israel A public Israeli company specializing in infrastructure, Franchise, industry and real estate. The company operates the Natuf qu...
13 Shikun Dayarim
שיכון דיירים
Private, Subsidiary of Public Israel The company specializes in the development and construction of residential, commercial, high-tech, industrial and touristic projec...
14 Shlomo Cohen Construction Company
שלמה כהן חברה לבניין
Private Israel A private construction company. The company is currently involved in the construction of a new housing project in the settlemen...
15 Shufersal
TASE Israel The company operates a chain of supermarkets and drugstores. The company is also active in the field of real-estate. The compan...
16 Tzifha International
צפחה אינטרנשיונל
Private Occupied Palestinian Territory A developer of construction projects. The company has developed the 'Illit' commercial center and 3,000 housing units in t...
17 Yehuda Welded Mesh
יהודה רשתות פלדה
Private Israel A private Israeli company specializing in recycling ferrous scrap and producing welded mesh and fences. The company is involved...
18 Zalman Barashi
זלמן בראשי ואחיו
Private Israel A private Israeli company specializing in the development of infrastructure projects. The company is active in road and bridge con...