Terms of Use

License to use Who Profits Materials 

For the purposes of this license: “Who Profits Materials”: Reports, Updates, Infographics, as well as any other material generated by the organization that is found on the Who Profits website and/or any official publication; “Use”: Copy, broadcast, distribution, performance, and/or any other means of making available to the public.

Terms of the License: “Who Profits” hereby grants the public license to make non-commercial and free use of “Who Profits" materials, provided that such use does not harm the materials in any way, does not distort their content and does not present them out of context. This license is conditioned on the requirement that the user mention explicitly and prominently the name of the "Who Profits" publication from which these materials were taken and/or that they were taken from the “Who Profits” website.

If the “Who Profits” website, or the publication from which the materials used were taken, gives credit to another entity or entities, and/or to another entity or entities in addition to “Who Profits,” such credit must be mentioned explicitly.

This license applies only to the fair use of individual “Who Profits" materials, and not to their wide use or publication, which requires the express written consent of “Who Profits". In all cases in which it is not clear whether the use is wide or not, the user is requested to contact “Who Profits” for clarification.

This license does not bestow the right to use any of the materials that appear on the “Who Profits” website and/or in any “Who Profits” publication that are not under the exclusive possession of “Who Profits". Whenever "Who Profits" material includes photographs please contact all copyright holders including “Who Profits" and the photographer of every photo. “Who Profits” bears no responsibility whatsoever for any third-party use of the materials found on its website or in any of its publications.