JLR Blue Line cover
April 2024

Developments in the Expansion of the JLR Network: The Blue Line

Following Who Profits’ previous publication, Developments in the expansion of the JLR network: The J-Net project, this update presents recent developments and corporate complicity in the further expansion of the Jerusalem Light Rail (JLR) network. In this update, we highlight the JLR Blue Line project, the third and longest main axis of the JLR network, and the involvement of the Spanish infrastructure company, COMSA Corporación. 

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December 2023

The Companies Supplying Weapons to Israel’s Attack on Gaza

In this Update, Who Profits scrutinizes the use of commercially-manufactured weapons in Israel's 2023 unprecedented, deadly attack on Gaza, and the companies that supply them to the Israeli military. The indiscriminate military attacks being carried out against the people of besieged Gaza are made possible with the help of Israeli and multinational companies manufacturing and supplying weapons and technology – reaping enormous profits from their complicity with Israel's attacks on Palestinian lives and basic rights. The Update also highlights the new weapons reported to have been used for the first time in Gaza in their inaugural operational deployment.

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November 2022

Developments in the Expansion of the JLR Network: The J-Net Project

Following Who Profits’ previous work, this update presents the latest developments in the expansion of the Jerusalem Light Rail (JLR) network, carried out by Spanish company, CAF (Construcciones y Auxiliar de Ferrocarriles), and additional multinational and Israeli companies. In operation since 2011, the JLR network is a large-scale Israeli transport infrastructure project connecting large settlement blocks in occupied East Jerusalem to the center of the city and its western side and is contingent on the expropriation of Palestinian land and the further territorial fragmentation of the city’s Palestinian neighborhoods.  In this update and infographic, we highlight developments and corporate complicity in the J-Net project, including the construction, operation and expansion of the Red Line, and the establishment of the new Green Line.

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October 2022

DXC Technology divests from its Israeli IT business

EntServ Israel, which retained some of Hewlett Packard’s (HP) occupation-related contracts, sold to Hilan Group for US$ 65 million.

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June 2022

IBM: A Major Facilitator of Israel's Surveillance and Security Apparatus

This company feature introduces IBM, one of the biggest technology companies in the world, and its current significant involvements in Israeli security and military apparatus, mainly by facilitating Israel’s pervasive surveillance of occupied populations. Through its two fully owned Israeli subsidiaries, IBM is complicit in Israel’s Military-Industrial Complex, and in providing services, equipment and technology to Israeli settlements and Israel Police.

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March 2022

Tools of Dispossession in the Naqab - Virtual Launch Event

Virtual launch event of Who Profits' interactive map Tools of Dispossession in the Naqab: Development & Military Projects,  held on 9 January 2022, with Dr. Mansour Nassasra and Riya Al'Sanah.

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March 2022

Israeli Repression of the Palestinian May Uprising: Suppliers of Crowd Control Weapons

The events of May - June 2021 in Palestine represent the ongoing reality of Israel’s violent repression of the Palestinian people, and their resistance to it. This form of repression described in this update is carried out with the help of Israeli and multinational companies manufacturing crowd control weapons, which reap enormous profits from their complicity with Israel's attack on Palestinian life and basic rights. In the update, Who Profits profiles three of these companies—Combined Systems Inc. (SCI), Ordortec, and Ruger - who supply Israel's security apparatus with weapons such as tear gas, rubber bullets and so-called skunk water.

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February 2022

Top Sky Line Engineering Systems: Profiting from Bolstering Israel’s Repressive Security Apparatus

Top Sky Line is a private Israeli company that is generating profits from enhancing Israel’s highly repressive security apparatus. The company is a supplier of security services to the Israeli Prison Services (IPS), where Palestinian political prisoners are incarcerated. It also provides services to settlers in occupied Jerusalem through contracts with the Israeli Ministry of Construction and Housing (MOCH), and to settlements in the occupied West Bank. In addition, the company holds a multitude of contracts with the Israeli Police.

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