Tzifha International

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צפחה אינטרנשיונל

A developer of construction projects. The company has developed the 'Illit' commercial center and 3,000 housing units in the neighborhoods of Brachfeld Estate and Kiryat Sefer in the Modi'in Illit settlement. After the completion of the 'Illit' commercial center, the company chose to relocate its offices into the new center and from there it continues to develop plot 601 as an expantion to Brachfeld Estate neighborhood.

The company claims to own several plots of land in the terrains of the Palestinian village of Deir Qaddis. In 2006, in a petition to the Israeli High Court of Justice the company tried to push the planned route of the separation wall to the north, in order to annex these plots to Modi'in Illit. In addition, the company managed the construction of a local school and operated a quarry in Modi'in Illit.

The quarry, which is now inactive, was operated for over a decade through Kal Binyan Company. It allowed the exploitation of Palestinian natural resources for the needs of the Israeli construction industry.

Tzifha International developed over a thousand housing units in other settlements across the West Bank including in Kokhav Ya'akovTalmonBeit El and the Ramat Shlomo settlement neighborhood in occupied East Jerusalem.