Announcements By G4S Regarding Their Activities in the Israeli Prison Services Translation

Update | Feb 2014

Back in 2007 and 2008, G4S Israel published in its website announcements (in Hebrew) about its activities in the Israeli prisons. The following update is a translation of these statements.

G4S Technologies will secure the prisons and detention facilities of the Israeli prisons service | December 2008

G4S Technologies will secure the prisons and detention facilities of the Israeli prisons service.
In the last few years, the Israeli incarceration system is going through major changes following the decision to transfer the police detention facilities to the responsibility of the IPS, in the purpose of establishing one national incarceration authority.
On the basis of this reorganization, G4S technologies has won the tender to secure the detention facilities that was transferred to the responsibility of the IPS, including Tel Aviv and Jerusalem detention facilities. In addition, the company will also safeguard the new wing of the Rimonim prison.
In the framework of this project, the company will establish a control room that include computer integrated command and control systems for all the systems that are installed in these sites, in order to create technological uniformity in all of the IPS’s facilities.
“The satisfaction of the IPS from high level of performance and timely execution have led to the acknowledgment in the company’s ability to carry out complicated apparatus and in complex technologies”, says Shmulik Shiprut, the sales manager in the technologies unit. The scope of the projects is some NIS 7 million.


G4S Technologies was chosen to secure the central prisons | July 2007

G4S Technologies (formerly the projects sections of Hashmira protection technologies), has won a security project of the IPS’s central prisons, among them Ktziot prison, Kishon detention facility and Megido prison. The projects’ extant is estimated in some NIS 4 million.
In the framework of the project, G4S technologies installed in the different prisons computer integrated control and supervision systems, entrance control systems, supervision measurements on visitations, touch screen integrated tables and control room, interior and peripheral closed circuit television systems that are integrated with recording systems, fiber optics communication systems and visiting watches systems.
Shmuel Shiprut, sales and marketing manager in G4S Technologies: “The management of the IPS project requires working with a major and classified body, which requires a level of skills and professionalism, which only major companies with high technological abilities in running sensitive security alignments, like Hashmira protection technologies, can provide. G4S Technologies will provide the IPS with and overall wide response in the control, security, safety field and in the field of managing a smart sterile arrangement, that will assist the preservation of a high level of security and compartmentalization”. Shiprut also added that the biggest security and control companies have participated in the tender and G4S technologies presented the best technical and economic solutions”.