Ford Motor Company

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Ford Motor Company is an American multinational automobile manufacturer.

Ford vehicles' chasses are used as armored vehicles for the Israeli military in the occupied West Bank and in the besieged Gaza.

In 2023, the Israeli military began using the “SandCat Tigris” 4X4 armored vehicle intended for military forces. The SandCat (also known as MK4) is based on the Ford F-550 chassis and drivetrain, and the suspension setup includes a pair of Ford's original live axles. The multi-purpose protected off-road vehicle with vehicle armor is manufactured by Israeli-based company Plasan Sasa. The bulletproof vehicle can carry a driver and up to eight soldiers and is suitable for combat in built-up areas. The vehicle is protected against anti-tank fire, stones, and Molotov cocktails, and slots were added to the vehicle to allow shooting from the inside.

Sandcat Tigris vehicles that were delivered to the Israeli Ministry of Defense (IMOD) at the beginning of 2023, in an emergency procurement procedure, have been deployed in a variety of operational activities in Gaza during Israel's 2023 attack on Gaza.

The Sandcat Tigris was documented in use during military invasion and arrests in Jenin in the occupied West Bank.

In mid-October 2023, the IMOD began the accelerated purchase of US-made armored vehicles, including vans and SUVs made by Ford. The vehicles will be purchased directly from the manufacturers or the companies working with them within the framework of the US defense aid funds.

On 6 December 2023, the IMOD published a picture of a cargo plane delivery with military equipment for the Israeli military carrying a Ford armored vehicle.

In November 2022, the IMOD purchased 50 "Sand Cat" armored vehicles based on the Ford F-550 platform for the military to use in raids across the West Bank. The vehicles were purchased through an expedited order from Plasan Sasa and according to estimates, the scope of the deal is over NIS 50 million.

The Ford F-350 pickup trucks are used as the Israeli military's Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGVs). The Unmanned Ground Vehicle "Border Protector" is based on a commercial Ford F-350 pickup on which remote control systems, observation systems and communication systems were installed. The vehicle is deployed to surveille the barrier surrounding Gaza since 2016. The Ford vehicles were equipped by Elbit Systems with remote driving technology, and fitted with driving cameras and a 360-degree observation camera for remote operation. In 2017, the vehicles were armed to be used as remotely controlled weapons.

In 2017, the Israeli military purchased 290 Ford F-150 and F-350 trucks which were meant to replace previous Ford trucks as well other trucks.

In June 2012, Ford F-550 trucks were documented in the occupied West Bank during a non-violent demonstration. In 2003, Ford F-550 trucks were retrofitted by Carmor Integrated Vehicle Solutions (previously Hatehof) to Armored Personnel Carriers for use by the Israeli military in the occupied West Bank.