Ford Motor Company

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פורד מוטור

Public US-based manufacturer and distributor of automobiles with over 70 plants worldwide.

Ford vehicles are in use by the 'Caracal' military unit of the Israeli army. Caracal is a combat unit which patrols the occupied section of the Jordan Valley, the West Bank areas close to the Separation Wall and the Israeli-Egyptian border.

In 2003, Ford's F550 trucks were retrofitted by Hatehof to armoured personnel carriers for use by the Israeli military in the occupied West Bank. In June 2012, F550 were documented near the settlement of Susya during a non-violent demonstration.

In 2013, Chrysler won the Israeli military's tender for 3,000 vehicles. Chrysler Dodge Ram 3500 replaced Ford's trucks.

The Israeli Ministry of Public Security purchased 12 of Ford's F350 vehicles for the Israeli police special unit Yoav in 2013. Yoav unit is involved in forcibly displacing Palestinian Bedouin communities in the Naqab (Negev) Desert.

In 2016, the Israeli military began using Ford's F350 (which have been modified by Elbit Systems to serve as autonomous unmanned vehicles), to surveille the Gaza Strip border. In 2017, the vehicles were armed and can be used as a remotely controlled weapon.

In 2017, the Israeli military purchased 290 of Ford's F150 and F350 trucks which are meant to replace previous Ford trucks as well as some of the Dodge and Isuzu trucks.

Delek Motors is the main importer and distributor of Ford in Israel since 1999. Delek Motors is a subsidiary company of Delek Ma'arakhot Rekhev, a public company traded in the Tel Aviv Stock exchange (TASE) that is part of the Delek group.