Mey Eden (Eden Springs)

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מי עדן

Mey Eden Ltd. is an Israeli bottled mineral water marketing company that extracts and distributes mineral water.

Mey Eden is part of the Primo Water Corporation's Eden Springs brand.

Mey Eden water is extracted from a water reservoir in the occupied Syrian Golan.

The water is extracted from the "Eden 1" water reservoir, located about 300 meters below the ground, in the southern area of the Syrian Golan near the Salukia Spring and Mey Eden’s water plant.

Mey Eden operates a production and packaging plant in an area of at least 4,000 square meters in the Katzrin Industrial Zone in the occupied Syrian Golan.

In 2018, Mey Eden received authorization to produce mineral water by pumping from the "Eden 1" reservoir of Mekorot Company.

For more on Mekorot’s extraction of occupied water resources see Who Profits Update: Dried Up: Mekorot’s Involvement in the Israeli Occupation.