Trendlines Agtech - Mofetטרנדליינס אגטק - מופת

Head office: Gush Etzion Industrial Park , 9043500, Efrata, occupied Palestinian Territory Tel: 972-2-9963880

An Israeli start-up incubator focused on agriculture and food technologies. 

The company was founded in the West Bank settlement of Kiryat Arba and today operates form the Gush Etzion settlement industrial park. Until 2014, the company’s name was ‘Mofet B’eYehuda’, meaning Industrial Research and Development in Judea.


Part of the Trendlines Group (formerly T.I.F. Ventures), which owns 73.9% of the company’s shares. Additional shareholders are the Mofet Be’Yehuda Association (10.3%), The Economic Company for development of Efrata (2.9%), The Economic Company of Kiryat Arba – Hebron (2.9%), Gush Etzion development Co. (2.9%) and the Southern Mount Hebron Development Company (2.9%). The Last four companies operate as the development arms of settlements’ regional councils.

CEO: Nitza Kardish


Seed companies unclude: FuturaGraft, MiRobot, Valentis Nanotech, GreenSpense, Saturas, BioFishency, ViAqua Therapeutics, Catalyst AgTech, Metabolic Robots, Advanced Mem-Tech, EdenShield, Organis, Levgum, Sol Chip and Captive Bred.

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