Tedem Civil Engineeringתדם הנדסה אזרחית

Head office: 2 Etgar St., Carmel Business Park, Tirat Carmel, 30200, Israel Tel: +972-4-8577566 www.tedem.co.il

A private consulting engineering company in the field of transportation infrastructure planning and design.

The company carried out the conceptual and preliminary design for the electrification of the Israel Railways network. The 550 million USD turnkey project includes the Tel Aviv-Jerusalem Fast Train (A1) route, which crosses into the occupied West Bank in two areas.

In 2005-2006, the company was commissioned by USAID to conduct a feasibility study for linking the Gaza Strip and the West Bank through a transportation corridor. The estimated cost of the project was 400 million to 2 billion USD and involved coordination with Israeli authorities.

The company provides services to the Israeli military, such as the design of Regavim military base.

The company was also involved in developing the Qalandia checkpoint.


The company is owned by Tedem Civil Engineering (50%), Moshe Torres (26%) and Rojeh Regev Torres (24%).

Directors: Moshe Torres and Rojeh Regev Torres


Company clients include: governmental ministries, the Israeli army and various defense agencies, Derech Eretz Highways 1997, National Roads Company, Israel Railways, Israel Electric Corporation, Cross Israel Highway, Egged Transportation Cooperative Society, Israel Ports Authority, Tnuva, Ministry of Housing and Construction and USAID

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