Supergum Industriesסופרגום תעשיות

Head office: 11 Shontzino St., Tel Aviv, 6721611 Tel: +972-3-562-2333

Establihsed in 1956, Supergum Manufacturere of Rubber & Plastic products, specializes in rubber, sealing and chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) protective product design and manufacturing.

The company’s main factory is located in the Barkan settlement industrial zone in the occupied West Bank. In 2018, some 200 workers were employed in the company’s Barkan factory.

The company’s subsidiary, Impertech, also operates its main factory in Barkan. Impertech is the official supplier of CBRN equipment to the Israeli military. In 2020, Imprtech was granted NIS 212,184 from the Israeli Ministry of Economy and Industry to support its implementation of advanced technological production. In 2015 and 2017, Supergum provided equipment for the Israeli Prison Service for NIS 17,199 and NIS 15,210 respectively.



The company is owned by Yehuda Gescheit and Ilan Gescheit.


Subsidiaries of the Supergum Group includes Impertech Industries.

The Supergum Group also includes Supergum (1983) Manufacture of Rubber & Plastic Products.

Supergum has two logistical facilities in the US and Germany.



Supergum represents the following gloval rubber and gasket manufacturers: Flexitallic, SIGMA, Thermiculite, Terelleborg and Saftech.

Company clients include: MAN International, Van Hool, Volkswagen.

The company creates products that meet the requirements of Israel’s military institutions, and works in accordance with the Israeli military and the US military standards. The company’s engineers partner with the defense industry’s R&D professionals to create products that fit their requirements.

The company works with actors in the Israeli military industry, such as Elbit Systems, Israel Aerospace Industries and Rafael Advanced Systems.

The company’s subsidiary, Impertech, became Israel’s official anti-Covid mask supplier in March 2020, when the Israeli government tasked the company with setting up a production line to produce 60 million masks.

According to its website, Impertech is a supplier of equipment to the civil services and militaries of Bulgaria, Poland, Finland, Italy, Norway, Germany, USA, UK, Ukrain, China, Australia, Peru, Chile, Singapore, Vietnam and the UAE.

The company is also a certified European Union manufacturer.

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