SMA Solar Technology

SMA Solar Technology AG Sonnenallee 1, 34266 Niestetal, Germany Tel: +49-5619522/0 |

SMA Solar Technology is a German solar energy equipment supplier.  SMA Solar Technology develops, produces and sells photovoltaic inverters and monitoring systems for photovoltaic facilities.

The compnay’s equipment was documented by Who Profits at the Kalia settlement solar energy field, occupied Jordan Valley. The specific product provided was STP -60 which is a solar pane system solution for commercial and utility PV plants.

The Kalia Solar Field is a joint project of Clal Sun Ltd and Kibbutz Kalia, a settlement in the occupied Jordan Valley. The Field is one of the largest commercial solar fields that have been built on occupied Palestinian land. The project’s facility was built on 135,000 square meters of Palestinian land. The 10.8 Mega Walts project is now connected to the high-voltage power grid.


The company is owned by its founders, their trusts and families who hold 29.64% of the company’s shares. SMA Solar Technology AG (25.20%), Dafoss A/S (20%) and the remaining 25.16% are floating shares.

CEO: Pierre-Pascal Urbon


SMA Solar Technology, holds, directly or indirectly, 100% of shares in the SMA Group. The SMA Group consists of 35 companies, eight of which are based in Germany and 27 abroad.

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