Psagot Wineryיקב פסגות

Head office: D.N. Mizrach Binyamin, Psagot 9062400, Occupied Palestinian Territory Tel.: +972- 2-9979333

A private Israeli winery based in the occupied West Bank.

The winery, vineyards and visitor center are located in the occupied West Bank. The winery was established in 2008 by Yaakov Berg, who purchased the land rights from the Mateh Binyamin Development Company, which leased the area from the Israeli Civil Administration. The visitor center was built in the same year by the Mateh Binyamin settlement regional council.

In 2012, the Migron settlement outpost was evacuated and the settlers were relocated to the hill where Psagot Winery is located. The Israeli government then pledged to finance the relocation of the winery, estimated at 25 million NIS. The relocation has not yet taken place.

Psagot winery sources its grapes from five vineyards located near the settlements of Psagot, Kida, Har Bracha, Gush Ezion and Alon Moreh.

The winery also distributes its products in two settlement locations in the West Bank, Neve Daniel and Gush Ezion.

In 2018 and 2017, the winery provided services to the Israeli Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT), the unit in the Israeli Ministry of Defense that enforces the civilian aspects of Israel’s military occupation.

The winery received support from the Israeli Foreign Trade Administration.


Major shareholders: Wine Inc. Psagot (62%), Yaakov Berg (24%) and Sour Grapes Investors LLC (6.5%)

CEO: Yaakov Berg


The winery established a company called Blessings from Israel to market gift sets from factories in the occupied West Bank and Syrian Golan as well as in towns within the Green Line. An Israeli media outlet reported that over two million USD were invested in the creation of a website and a logistical center in the US.


Psagot wines are marketed by Royal Wines Corp and Duty Free Americas Inc.

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