Orad Groupקבוצת אורד

4 Hamashbir St. Holon 58855 Israel Tel: 972-3-5576666 Website: www.orad.cc

Manufactures electronic detection systems, among them i360. Also distributes the Discoverii perimeter security products. Company products are installed in fences as part of the Separation Wall.

The company also supplies Siemens traffic control systems for Apartheid roads (roads on which only Israelis are allowed to travel) in the occupied West Bank including road 5 and 443. Company’s CCTV systems monitor the Old City in occupied East Jerusalem, as part of the municipality’s SafeCity project.

Orad partially owns Novidea, which participated in the planning and installation of a Motorola Wide Area Surveillance System, which is a radar systems used to detect movement around West Bank settlements.


Main Shareholders: Adoram Amnon (26.49%), Adoram Ariel (15.05%), and Shamrock Holdings (38%) which belongs to the Roy E. Disney family.


Group members: Orad Control Systems, Lehavot Services, R.S. Industries (Israel), Orad Communications. It is the Israeli representative of Siemens, Tyco, Grinell, Fogtec, Nortech, Telecom, Parkonat, Forster, Angus-Fire, Multivision, Alarmcom, interm, and Yoko. Orad owns 13% of Novidea (another 13% owns by ICx Technologies and 74% by Eyal Amos Yossef).

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