Olizki Infrastructure Ltdאוליצקי תשתיות בע"מ

Head office: 10 Hagana St., Or Yehuda, Israel Tel.: +972-3-6347555 www.olizki.com

Global Presence

A private Israeli company specializing in civil and marine engineering, open pit mining, environmental projects, quarrying, real estate development and land transportation.

In 2018, the company was contracted by the Israeli Ministry of Defense to build an underground wall around the besieged Gaza Strip.

In 2012, the company’s machinery was documented transferring quarried earth from the tunneling of the Tel Aviv- Jerusalem High Speed Train (A1) to an illegal construction site near the Nili settlement in the occupied West Bank. Mateh Binyamin settlement council and Israel Railways reached an agreement that the quarried earth would be used to level the valley below the Nili settlement and build a park. The designated site is a 30-dunam area, half of which is owned by residents of the Palestinian village of Shabtin.


The company is owned by Olizki Mining (1990) Ltd, which owns 99% of the shares. The remaining 1% is held by Olizki Engineering Equipment Ltd.

Directors: Ilan Olizki; Malaachi Olizki; Oren Olizki; Erez Olizki; Aviram Amit


Oniram Enterprise Ltd (50%); O.Y. Fable Site Ltd (50%); Trodol Inversions S.L; Base Foundation Ltd (87%); Olizki Maintenance Ltd (50.2%)


Among the company’s clients are: The Israeli Ministry of Defense; Israel Land Authority; Rotem Amfert Company; Construction and Housing Authority; Shomron Regional Council; Jewish National Fund; Israel’s Antiquities Authority; Israel Railways.

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