Mikud Guarding security servicesמיקוד אבטחה

18 Rival St. Tel Aviv 67778, Israel Tel: 972-3-6363414 www.mikud4u.co.il

A private security company, part of the Israeli Mikud group for human resources and cleaning services.

The company provides security services to Ma’ale Adumim commercial center. Mikud Guarding also provides security services to settlement neighborhoods in East Jerusalem.
In addition, the company operates a branch in Ariel settlement.

In the past, the company was hired by the Israeli Ministry of Defense for the operation of the checkpoints.

Outsourcing the checkpoints - A short video by IMEMC


Mikud Guarding is part of the Mikud Group, which is privately owned by Soly and Gila Elisar.


Other companies in the group include Moked Mikud – electronic security solutions, Cleanor Israel – cleaning services, TechnikoIsrael– building maintenance. 

In addition, the group operates a subsidiary that specializes in security services in Jerusalem: Mikud Security Jerusalem, which is owned by Mikud Group – Jerusalem region. Mikud Group – Jerusalem region is owned by Atadia Holdings and Orad Holdings. Atadia Holdings is owned by David Elisar and Orad Holdings is owned by Dan Elisar.  



The company provides security services to Jerusalem bank,First International Bank of IsraelHapoalim bank – all of which operate branches in the settlements.

Mikud Guarding’s costumers include Sano, Africa Israel, Hadera paper, Veolia, Maman Cargo Terminals, Mekorot, Teva, Paz, Adidas, UTI Israel, IAI, the Israeli Knesset, Bar Ilan and Tel Aviv universities.

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