HaShomrim Guarding and Security Group (S.B) Ltd.
חברת קבוצת השומרים שמירה ובטחון (ש.ב. שמירה וביטחון)

4 Harechev St. Tel-Aviv 677771, Israel; Tel: 972-3-6392233 www.sbisrael.co.il

A private Israeli security company.

The company operates the Allenby border crossing in the occupied Jordan valley for the Israel Airports Authority (IAA) and regulates the movement of people and goods between the West Bank and Jordan.

Additionally, the company provides various security services to the Israeli Ministry of Defense. It protects the Israel army’s headquarters and Ministry of Defense installations including escorting senior Ministry and security figures in the “seam zone”. The company also provides overall logistical support to the Israeli Prime Minister’s protection.


The company is fully owned by David Levy through Shmira & Bitachon M.D Levy Ltd.


Benefit (Israel), S.B Guarding and Security (Israel), S.B. Europe GmbH – Security and Logistics (Germany).



Clients include: Ministry of Defense, Israeli Airport Authority, Israel Aerospace Industries, Ministry of Housing and Construction, Mekorot, the Ministry for the Development of the Galilee and the Negev and Bezek.

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