Energix Groupקבוצת אנרג'יקס

Head office: 2 Jabotinsky St., Ramat Gan 5250501, Israel Tel: +972-3-5668855 www.energix-group.com

One of the largest renewable energy companies in Israel. Energix constructs and owns long-term renewable energy projects. The electricity generated by the company from its solar fields is subsequently sold to the Israeli Electric Company (IEC).

Energix owns the Meitarim commercial solar field (50%), operating since 2015. According to Energix, Meitarim is expected to be “the most efficient out of all of our projects.” While the annual operating cost of the Meitarim solar field is NIS 300,000, the revenues from selling the electricity to the IEC reached NIS 2.2 million in 2016.

In 2015, the company signed a contract establishing a designated company for the ownership of a large wind turbine farm, located in the occupied Syrian Golan, to generate electricity from wind energy. The company, Clean Wind Energy Ltd, will construct 52 wind turbines on Syrian owned agricultural land. Similar to other renewable energy projects, the turbines will be connected to the Israeli national electricity grid. Each turbine will be 200 meters long, enabling the company to use modern-day models that will maximize the amount of electricity generated in the project. The 52 wind turbines are expected to generate 152MW of electricity, enough to power 66,000 homes. The estimated annual revenue from the wind farm reaches 41-44 million USD.

The company has been signing contracts with local Syrian farmers to lease their lands for the construction of the new wind farm. As of 2017, the company claims to have more than 200 agreements reached with local farmers.  According to the NGO Al-Marsad, the contracts with the farmers include a demand that all farmers register their lands with Israel, give the company “a designation of land rights that allows the company to destroy and utilize whatever it wants on the leased land” and assure “a lack of exclusivity between Energix and landowners that allows Energix an unrestricted ability to pass the rights and obligations of the contract to another company or person”. Al-Marsad further notes that the compensation given to Syrian farmers is considerably low compared to the compensation given to Israelis who are renting their lands for similar projects. While Syrian farmers are offered one percent of the project’s revenues, Israelis have been offered as much as five times more.

The wind turbine farms will be established in two locations: the Suheita compound, on the southeastern side of Majdal Shams, and the Ra’abana compound, on the southwestern side of the village of Masaada, both of which are agricultural lands owned by Syrian farmers. A third location, Bar’on Junction, will be the site of the electrical substation. The construction of the project on the lands of two of the Syrian villages can further restrict the Syrian villages’ land expansion, a claim made even by Israeli officials and experts.


Energix Renewable Energies is controlled by Alony-Hetz Properties and Investments Ltd; Phoenix Holdings (5.95%) and Migdal (6.15%)

CEO: Asa Levinger


Energix Projects 2 Limited Partnership (100%); Clean Wind Energy (73%); Energix Projects 1 Limited Partnership (100%); Granot Energix Solar Projects (50%); Energix Neot Hovev Ltd (100%); Energix South Har Hebron Limited Partnership (50.1%); Orlik (75%); Wintromill (100%); Caden Energix (60%51%)


The Southern Mount Hebron Development Company

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