Elbit Systemsאלביט מערכות

Head Office: P.O.B 539, Haifa 31053, Israel Tel:972-4-831-5315 www.elbitsystems.com

A private Israeli weapons company, operating in a wide range of areas including, aerospace, land and naval systems, command, control, communication, computers, intelligence and surveillance. The company also provides a range of support services.

Elbit is the second biggest arms company in Israel and the biggest private arms company in Israel. Elbit’s biggest single customer is the Israeli Ministry of Defence (IMOD). In 2017, sales to the IMOD generated 19% of Elbit Systems 3,377.8 million USD revenue.

In January 2018, the Israeli government’s approval the sale of its wholly owned weapons company, the Israeli Military Industries Ltd. (IMI) to Elbit. The 515 million USD deal is to be finalised in July 2018. Established in 1993, IMI is involved in the manufacturing of a range of weapons, munitions and military technology for the Israeli army. The company’s products are used by the Israeli army and exported internationally to 70 militaries and government agencies around the world.

This latest Elbit purchase gives it a greater monopoly over the Israeli arms industry’s internal and external market.

Elbit supplies 85% of UAVs used by the Israeli army. One of Elbit’s most famous UAVs the Skylark – an intelligence gathering drone, operational in the Israeli army since 2008 – which is used during military operations of house arrest in the occupied West Bank. The Skylark was used during the so-called “Brothers come home” Israeli attacks in June and July 2014, where scores of Palestinian civilians were arbitrarily arrested.

During Israel’s deadly attack on Gaza in 2014, Elbit’s 7.5 Skylark, as well as its lethal UAV, the Hermes 900, were used. The Hermes 900, which was assembled jointly with L-3 Communication in a 120 million USD venture, can stay aloft for up to 24 hours at altitudes of up 18,000 feet and has an array of optical, infrared, and laser sensors that allow the operator to identify and track targets as well as to guide munitions in flight. The UAV carries two Spike-MR missiles, produced by the Israeli firm Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd.

Israeli media routinely reports of the crashing of Elbit’s Skylark UAV during intelligence gathering operations in Gaza. The anxiety-inducing buzzing of Israeli military UAVs has become a permanent soundtrack to the lives of Palestinians in Gaza.

The company has been one of the main providers of the electronic detection fence system to the Apartheid Wall in the occupied West Bank. Elbit, in cooperation with the Israeli military, developed a tunnel detection system installed as part of the matrix of technologies used to keep around 2 million Palestinians besieged in the Gaza Strip. This technology is a state secret; Elbit is urging the Israeli government to grant permission for its export.

Elbit’s supply of products and services to the Israeli military, ministry of interior and police is extensive and spreads across varying fields. For example, in May 2017, Elbit won a tender to supply the Israeli Ministry of Defence with its  ELSAT 2100, communication systems that can be installed on moving vehicles and systems. In 2015, the company secured an 11 year contract worth 90 million USD for the maintenance of the Israeli army’s F-16 Jets. In the same year, Elbit won a Ministry of Interior and Israel Police tender worth 115 million USD; the 10 year contract was for the purchase of 6 Airbus Helicopters for the Israeli police and providing maintenance services.

The heavy reliance of the Israeli army on Elbit products serves as a marketing tool for Elbit. The company markets its products as ‘battle-tested’ and claims “outstanding capabilities” based on ”operational experience gained through tens of thousands of operational sortied by the IDF”. In the month of July 2014 alone, during the peak of the assault on Gaza, Elbit’s profits increased by 6.1%, the highest level of increase since 2010.

The company manufactures and assembles its systems and products at its operational facilities in Israel, the US, Europe, Brazil, India and Australia. In April 2018, the company opened an office in Germany.



Major shareholders are: Federmann Enterprises Ltd. (45.8%), Heris Asktiengesellschaft (8.97%), all 26 executive directors (0.01%). The rest are floating shares.

CEO:  Bezhalel Machlis.


Fully owned subsidiaries, include: Elbit Systems of America, LLC (USA), Elbit Systems Electro-Optic Elop Ltd. (Israel), Elbit Systems Land and C4I Ltd. (Israel), Elbit Systems EW and SIGINT – Elisra Ltd. (Israel), Elbit Systems CyberBit (Israel), BrightWay Vision (Israel), Sigmabit and Cyclone.

European subsidiaries: Elbit Belgium, Telefunken Racoms (Germany).


ATR, an aircraft manufacturer based in France, equally owned by airospace firms Airbus (France) and Leonardo (Italy). Gaia Automotive Industries (Israel) – Elbit and Gaia, supply the  Army of the Philipines, as part of its HORIZON 2 percurement plan, with armed vehicle units. Gaia is to provide its AMIR vehicles and Elbit the armed unit acompanying it.  Garden Reach Shipbuilders & Engineers (India).

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