Egis Rail

Head office: 15, avenue du Centre, CS 20538 Guyancourt 78286 Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines Cedex, France Tel.: +33-139414000 | Israel office: 25 HaUman St., Jerusalem 9342116, Israel Tel.: +972-26796807

A France-based global group offering engineering and project management services in the sectors of transport, industry, water, environment and energy.

Egis Rail, formerly known as Semaly, was selected as a consultant to the Jerusalem light rail in 1999. In 2007, it won an 11.9 million EUR contract with Jerusalem Transportation Master Plan Team (JTMT) to assist in the construction and expansion of the light rail project in Jerusalem. The company continues to serve as the general consultant in the expansion project.

The Jerusalem light rail connects settlement neighborhoods in occupied East Jerusalem to the western part of the city and to one another, strengthening Israel’s illegal annexation of East Jerusalem.


Egis Rail is part of the Egis Group.

The controlling shareholder (75%) in the Group is Caisse des Dépôts, a French public entity under the control of the French parliament. The remaining 25% are held by Partner managers (Iosis Partenaires) and by employees through the “FCPE” shareholding fund.

Chairman and CEO: Nicolas Jachiet


Egis Group has over 150 subsidiaries worldwide.

Israeli subsidiary: Egis Rail Israel Ltd.


Partners include Regions for Climate (R20), Projacs, Transdev, ACTOLL, Lufthansa

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