Dan Public Transportation Company דן חברה לתחבורה ציבורית בע"מ

Head office: 39-41 Shaul Hamelech St., Tel Aviv 64928, Israel Tel.: +972-36933333 www.dan.co.il

A private Israeli public transportation provider. The company is also active in real estate, tourism and transportation solutions through its subsidiaries.

Through its subsidiary Dan South Transportation (2015), the company operates two public bus lines to the settlement of Beitar Illit in the occupied West Bank. In 2009, Israeli bus company Afikim purchased all lines of Dan Public Transportation that travel daily through settlements of Ariel, Ma’ale Adumim, Karnei Shomron and Barkan industrial zone in the occupied West Bank.

Its wholly owned subsidiary United Tours operates tourist buses and markets tour packages to international visitors on both sides of the Green Line. The company operates tours to the Old City in occupied East Jerusalem, to the Dead Sea (via Area C of the occupied West Bank) and to the Palestinian city of Bethlehem in Area A of the occupied West Bank. The company benefits from Israeli military control of Palestinian cultural and religious sites, and from the structural restrictions imposed on Palestinian tour operators, who are prevented from offering the same services.


Formerly a cooperative, Dan became a private company in 2001. Most company shares are held by employees.

The company is heavily subsidized by the Israeli government, receiving NIS 550 million annually.


Subsidiaries include: Dan South Transportation (2015) Ltd, The United Tourism Co. (United Tours), AMD Real Estate Development & Investments Ltd, Mashdan Transport and Freight Company Ltd., D&M Intelligent Transportation Solutions Ltd


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