C. Mer Groupח. מר תעשיות בע"מ

5 Hazoref St.Holon 58856 IsraelTel: +972-3-5572555 www.mer-group.com

An integrator in the areas of communications and security. The Group offers a wide range of technology-based solutions and end-to-end services that include consultancy, development, engineering and manufacturing, as well as integration and implementation.

The Group’s Security and Technology division develops and installs smart communication systems for military land and naval units in Israel and globally. In 2016, the company’s fully owned subsidiary, TechMer Ltd., won a 40 million NIS contract with the Israeli Ministry of Defense for the installation of a new communication system for the Israeli military. The new system is based on digital audio technology developed, manufactured and deployed by the company.

The company’s products have been implemented in advanced weapons systems such as the Israeli Merkava tank as well as mission aircraft, watercraft and border control.

One of the company’s flagship surveillance projects is the ‘Mabat 2000’ project in the Old City in occupied East Jerusalem. In 1999, Mer Group won an Israeli police tender to establish the ‘Mabat 2000’ project and the infrastructure surrounding it, ahead of the pope’s visit in 2000. The project included the installation of 400 CCTV cameras across the Old City linked with a central command that monitors residents’ movements 24/7.

In 2009, Mer Group’s CEO, Haim Mer, stated that ‘The police needed a system in which ‘Big Brother’ would control and would allow for an overall view of events in the Old City area.’

In 2016, the company won a 30 million NIS contract to modify, upgrade and maintain the system for the next 10 years.

The project is led by the company’s fully owned subsidiary, Athena GS3 security Implementations Ltd. Athena GS3 sells advanced espionage solutions and enables surveillance.

Athena GS3 was founded in 2003, by Shabtai Shavit, the former head for the Israeli Mossad (1989-1996). Shabtai served as advisor to the special sub-committee of the Israeli parliament’s Foreign Affairs and Defence Committee and is the chairman of the Israel national Policy Institute for Counter Terrorism.

In addition, the company’s surveillance cameras have been installed at the Beit Iba checkpoint, the Sha’ar Efrayim checkpoint and at the Anatot army base in the occupied West Bank.


Main shareholders: FIMI Five 2012 Ltd (36.60%), Haim Mer (28.52%), Isaac Ben Bassat (9.19%).

CEO: Nir Lempert.


Fully owned subsidiaries:  Mer Metal workers, Mer Telecom Ltd., Mer Communication and Security Sy, Rotal Networks, Rotal Infrastructure, RMCS Communications (100%), ORT Tech Systems, TechMer Ltd., Mer Cello Wireless, TechMer NAMS, MEr Defense and Technologies Ltd., TechMer, Athena GS3 Security Implementations Ltd.

Merimon natural Gas North Ltd (50%), Rotem Natural Gas Ltd (33%), Peak Diamonds Ltd (28%), Gamefly inc (5%), Opion B.V (29%), Xenia Ventuers Ltd. (8%), P.L.H Ltd (37.5%).

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