Atlas Copco

Head office: Sickla Industrivag 19 Nacka, Stockholm, 13154 Sweden Tel: +46-(0)8734-8000


A Swedish multinational company that provides solutions for all types of industries, ranging from industrial automation to medical air solutions. The company provides compressors, air treatment systems, vacuum solutions, industrial power tools, assembly systems, machine vision and power and flow solutions.

In April 2013, Who Profits research team documented locomotives, carrying the Atlas Copco’s logo at the construction site of the Tel Aviv-Jerusalem fast train line (A1). The train route crosses into the occupied Palestinian territory in two areas (For further information, see Who Profits full report on the A1 train).

The locomotives headed an emergency recovery system, located at the entrance to tunnel No. 3. The DHD 35 diesel locomotives were manufactured by Atlas Copco Gia AB (formerly, GIA Industri AB), a part of the underground rock excavation division within Atlas Copco.

In 2018, the Israeli Ministry of Defense published a contract asking for Atlas Copco equipment.

In 2019, Atlas Copco equipment was documented at Qalandiya checkpoint.

The company’s Israeli distributor was involved in a project in the settlement of Kochav Hashahar in the occupied West Bank and a project in Atarot settlement industrial zone in occupied East Jerusalem.

Services to the Israeli Police:

In 2022, Edwards Israel Vacuum was contracted in an exempt from tender to provide VMD system maintenance for NIS 210,000. The period of the contract ends in 2025.

In 2022, Edwards Israel Vacuum was contracted to provide maintenance services to a metal coat device for NIS 150,000. The period of the contract ends in 2024.

From 2019 until 2022, Edwards Israel Vacuum was contracted in an exempt from tender to provide maintenance services to a VMD (Vacuum Metal Deposition) metal coater, for NIS 250,000.

From 2019 until 2022, the company’s Israeli subsidiary, Edwards Israel Vacuum, was contracted in an exempt from tender to provide maintenance services and spare parts to a metal coater.

From 2015 until 2018, Edwards Israel Vacuum was contracted in an exempt from tender to provide VMD maintenance services, for NIS 180,000.


The company is publicly traded on Nasdaq Stockholm (OMX) under the ticker symbols ATCO A and ATCO B.

Major shareholders: Investor AB (16.9%); Swedbank Robur fonder (3.5%); Alecta Pensionsforsakring (3.9%); Handelsbanken fonder (1.8%); SEB Investment Management (1.2%); Folksam (1.0%); SPP Fonder AB (0.7%); Avanza Fonder (0.7%); Lansforsokringar fondforvaltning AB (0.5%); Nordea Investment Funds (0.4%).

CEO and president – Mats Rahmstrom


Atlas Copco Airpower n.v., Wilrijk (100%); AGRE Kompressoren GmbH, Steyr (100%); ALUP Kompressoren Polska sp. Z .o.o., Janki (100%); Atlas Copco (Cyprus) Ltd., (100%); Atlas Copco (India) Ltd.(100%); Atlas Copco (Ireland) Ltd (100%); Atlas Copco (Malaysia), Sdn. Bhd. (100%); Atlas Copco (Philippines) Inc (100%); Atlas Copco (Schweiz) AG (100%); Atlas Copco (South East Asia) Pte.Ltd. (100%); Atlas Copco Argentina S.A.C.I. (93%); Atlas Copco Brasil Ltda (100%); Atlas Copco Canada Inc (100%); Atlas Copco Chile SpA (100%); Atlas Copco Compressor AB (100%); Atlas Copco Eastern Africa Limited (100%); Atlas Copco GmbH (100%); Atlas Copco Indoeuropeiska AB, (100%); Atlas Copco KK (100%); Atlas Copco Kompressorteknik A/S, (100%); Atlas Copco Maroc SA (99%); Atlas Copco Polska Sp. z o. o (100%); Atlas Copco Services Middle East OMC (100%); Atlas Copco Ukraine LLC (100%); Atlas Copco Venezuela SA (100%); Servatechnik AG (100%); Soc. Atlas Copco de Portugal Lda (100%); AB Atlas Diesel (100%); Atlas Copco A/S (100%); Atlas Copco Beheer B.V. (100%); Atlas Copco Finance DAC (100%); Atlas Copco France Holding S.A (100%); Atlas Copco Holding GmbH (100%); Atlas Copco Internationaal B.V. (100%); Atlas Copco Järla Holding AB (100%); Atlas Copco Nacka Holding AB (100%); Atlas Copco Sickla Holding AB (100%); Econus S A (100%); Industria Försäkrings AB (100%); JSC Atlas Copco (100%); Oy Atlas Copco AB (100%); Saltus Industrial Technique AB (100%).

Israeli subsidiary: Edwards Israel Vacuum Ltd.

Other subsidiaries include: Qingdao Qianshao Pneumatic Tool Manufacturing Tech Ltd. (25%); Reintube S.L. (47%); ISRA Immobilie Berlin GmbH (49.99%).

The company holds a joint venture in Toku0Hanbai Group (50%) and Ulvac Cryogenics Inc. (50%).


The company’s exclusive Israeli distributor is Maintenance Ltd. In its website, mentions that it is the exclusive distributor in “Israel and the West Bank”:

In 2015, M.Bar, Israeli importer of Atlas Copco equipment, held an Atlas Copco equipment training day for Kfar Giladi Quarries, which operates the Yatir quarry in the occupied West Bank, following a purchase of air compressors made by Atlas Copco.

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