Athena GS3 Security Implementations אתנה ג'י.אס.3. יישומים בטחוניים

Head office: 5 Hatzoref St., Holon, Israel Tel.: +972-3-6672474.

The company, a subsidiary of C. Mer industries, sells advanced espionage solutions to enable a regular and cyber surveillance. Notably, the company is headed by Shabtay Shavit who worked for the Israeli Intelligence agency Mossad for 32 years and served as its director from 1989 to 1996. 

With direct involvement of its mother company C. Mer insutries, the Athena company is involved in a mass surveillance project titled “Mabat 200” that is installed in the Old City in occupied East Jerusalem.

The project entails the installation of hundreds of CCTV cameras all over the city linked with a central command that monitors residents’ movements 24/7. The system, which was deployed between 2005 and 2012, is continuously modified and upgraded upon the recommendation of the Athena company. This security project is marketed around the world as one of the most successful in the Occupied Lands of Palestine.

In 2009, the head of Mer Industries, Haim Mer, has stated that “The police needed a system in which ‘Big Brother’ would control and would allow for an overall view of events in the Old City area. The systems that we established includes hundreds of cameras that have been installed on the streets of the Old City, stations for switchboard operators and commanders, online screens and viewings of tapes, observation positions with screens at the police command post at the Western Wall, recording system for cameras”.


Athena GS3 is a subsidiary of C. Mer Industries.

Shavit Shabtay, Dredikman Amikam and C. Mer Industries

Managers are Shabtay Shavit, Bruck Adi, Rotem Yoel and Mer Haim.

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