Afcon Holdingsאפקון החזקות

Address: 4 Simtat HaTavor, Sgula Industrial Zone, Petah Tikva 4969104, Israel Tel.: +972-732001333


The group engages in the design, manufacture, integration and marketing of electro-mechanical and control systems.

The company supplies services to the Israeli army, Israel Prison Service and Israel Police.

The company’s fully-owned subsidiary, Afcon Control and Automation, is the authorized dealer in Israel of CEIA metal detectors which were documented in Israeli checkpoints in 2008, such as the Cave of the Patriarchs checkpoint in Hebron, the Beit Iba checkpoint and Erez checkpoint in Gaza, as well as checkpoints in the occupied Jordan Valley.

In December 2020, the company was contracted by the Israeli Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT) to provide maintenance services of Magnetometer devices for the Israeli Civil Administration (ICA) for NIS 6,318. In 2018, the company supplied the ICA metal detector for NIS 19,305 and provided Magnometers maintenance for NIS 6,318, as part of a biometric project. In 2017, the company also supplied metal detectors for the ICA for NIS 19,305.

In 2018, Afcon’s subsidiary DM (3000) Engineering Ltd., provided screens for reception halls and queue management systems for the Meitar System in checkpoints as part of biometric project for NIS 43,742. The Meitar system is used by the Israeli Civil Administration to issue biometric ID cards to Palestinians for use to cross Israeli checkpoints in the West Bank. The cards contain personal identifying information and are part of the identification technology array used by the Israeli military in checkpoints

Also in 2018, the company provided Multimedia systems for the ICA for NIS 315,498 and TVs for officers’ meeting rooms for NIS 14,628.

Services to the Israeli Ministry of Defense

In 2019, Afcon Group won a tender to serve as the main contractor in the construction of an office building for the Israeli Ministry of Defense (IMOD) worth NIS 230 million. The contract included carrying out the electro-mechanics work, low voltage work and technologies in the project. The company also won the tender for the maintenance of the offices for a period of two years from the end of the establishment.

The company’s subsidiary, GM Afcon Security Technologies Limited Partnership, develops and manufactures specialized security systems for guarded facilities, such as military bases, security facilities, and border sites. According to the company, its perimeter security sensor system has successfully completed the experiment of the Israeli military technology unit and is installed on the Israeli border.

Tel Aviv–Jerusalem railway (A1)

In 2018, the Israeli court approved an agreement for the construction of the electric train line to Jerusalem, according to which Afcon will carry out electrification work worth NIS 280 million for the project.

The A1 railway route, also known as the Tel Aviv–Jerusalem railway, crosses the Green Line into the occupied West Bank in two areas, using confiscated occupied Palestinian land, some of it privately owned, for an Israeli transportation project aimed exclusively for Israelis. For more information on the A1 project, see Who Profits’ report Crossing the Line: The Tel Aviv Jerusalem Fast Train.

Services to Settlements

The company’s fully-owned subsidiary, Afcon Electric Transportation, operates vehicles electric charging stations in Karnei Shomron and Beitar Illit settlements in the occupied West Bank, and in Ramot settlement in the occupied Syrian Golan.

Services for the Israeli Prison Service and Israeli Police

In 2019, Afcon Control and Automation provided maintenance services for fire alarm systems in prisons for the Israeli Prison Services for NIS 201,860; in 2018, for NIS 260,829; and in 2017, the company supplied maintenance for magnometer gates for NIS 138,029, semi-annual service for fire detection systems for NIS 164,637, and repairs and spare parts for NIS 230,356.

In 2018, the company provided maintenance for fire alarm systems for the Israeli Police for NIS 200,000.

Smart City

Afcon is an authorized provider of the “Smart City” system, an array of cameras and sensors deployed around cities and collect current data. The system is deployed in more than 100 Israeli cities and councils. In 2020, the company was contracted by the municipality of the city of Ramla for the installment of cameras throughout the city as part of municipal supervision and policing for NIS 511,651. In 2018, the company was contracted to provide cameras, announcement, and command and control systems to the municipality for NIS 2,489,889. More than 22% of the populations in the city are Palestinians with Israeli citizenship who suffer from neglected infrastructure and discriminatory policing.


The company is publicly traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol: AFHL

Major shareholders include: Atalia Shmelzer (63.08%), The Phoenix Holdings Ltd. (9.39), Menora Holdings Ltd. (6.51%), Migdal Insurance and Financial Holdings Ltd. (6.33%).

CEO: Yaron Karisi.


Fully owned subsidiaries include: Afcon Technologies, Afcon Construction, AFCON Control and Automation, Afcon Real Estate Center Ltd., A.T. Afek Investments, Ateka, Afcon Hydromax, Afcon Software Solutions, Afcon Contracting & Services, Tadiran Telecom Services, Tadiran Telecom, Tadiran Telecom Technologies 2011, Tadiran Telecom Inc. (USA), Wanger B.V. (Netherlands), Afcon M&E Gmbh (Germany), Afcon Wind Energy Ltd., Sirin & Gilboa Wind Farm Ltd., Wind farms Sirin 2011, Sirin Wind Farm Management, Afcon Ashalim B Solar farm, Afcon Franchising Tiberias & Tzfat, Afcon Almor general partnership, Erez Refrigeration and Engineering Production and Service, Afcon Europe Fund General Partner Ltd.

Other subsidiaries include: DM (3000) Engineering (75%), Afcon Electric Transportation (50%),  Afcon PV KZ LLP (Kazakhstan) (85%), Fair Service Haifa Planning & Execution (75%), GM Afcon Security Technologies Limited Partnership (70%), Afcon Solar Renewable Energy – Limited Partnership (20%), Trilo Investment Ltd. (Cyprus) (36%), Gal-Net Communications Solutions (75%), Kunming Tadiran Telecommunication Equipment Co. Ltd – Joint Venture (China) (51%), Afcon Gas Technologies – Joint Venture (50%), M.L.I – Logistics Centers for Israel (33%), 4D Desalination Ltd. (20%), Afcon Renewable Energies Europe Limited Partnership (20%).


Partners include: Alstom, SEMI, Magos Systems, Galileo Tech, Omron Corporation, Grupo General Cable Sistemas S.A, ABB Group, Libelium.

Company clients include: Alstom, Tnuva Group, Israel Airports Authority, Abeinsa, Strauss Group, Shikun & Binui, Israel Natural Gas Lines Ltd, Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), Kocks, Teva Pharmaceuticals, Israel Chemicals (ICL Group), Mizrahi Tefahot Bank, First International Bank of Israel, Electra, Israel Electric Corporation (IEC), Danko, Elbit Systems, Intel, Danya Cebus, Delek, Hensel Phelps, General Electric, CMC Limited, Daewoo, Bright Source, Abeinsa, Ardan, Elco, Pri Hagalil (Industries), Israel Shipyards port, Gindi Holding, Bazan Group.

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