All Trade Group קבוצת אולטרייד

Head office: 2 Habarzel, Ramat Hachayal Tel Aviv 6971002, Israel Tel.: +972 73-2633333 Factory: Rehav’am Zeevi 6, Industrial Zone Barkan, Occupied Palestinian Territory

A private Israeli company that provides new and refurbished computing equipment and solution. The Group also operates recycling facilities for various products, including electronic and metallic waste.

Two of the company’s fully owned subsidiaries, All Recycling and Chayon Technologies, have facilities in industrial zones located in the occupied West Bank.

All Recycling operates an electronic recycling plant, in Barkan industrial zone, occupied West Bank. The plant’s 8 dunams compound is used as collateral for Leumi Bank, which granted the company a loan in 2012.

Additionally, All Recycling is building a new plastic recycling factory in the settlement of Maale Efraim, the West Bank. In January 2021, it signed a leasing development agreement with Maale Efraim settlement for an area of 8.78 dunams and valued at 424,424 NIS (131,449 USD).

Moreover, the Group’s fully owned subsidiary, Chayon Technologies, has a logistic center in Barkan industrial zone, occupied West Bank. The center stretches over 9 dunams of land.  In addition, Chayon Technologies` Get Deal brand factory is based in Barkan industrial zone. Get Deal specializes in the refurbishment of computer products.

Furthermore, the company provides services to the Israeli military and other government authorities, as well as military companies such as Elbit systems, Rafael, Magal and IAI. The Group also has a partnership with the Zionist organization the Jewish National Fund (JNF), according to the partnership the company has decided to plant a tree for each refurbished computer that is purchased.


All Trade Group is owned by Tedi Sagi (30.1%), Ran Nachom Tshova (8.5%), Oded Reichman Development & Investments (1995) Ltd (46.5%), All-In Trade Israel Ltd (13.9%) and Shmuel Weiss (0.74%).

CEO: Gadi Reichman.


The All Trade Group companies are Chayon Technologies Ltd., All Recycling, and Edri 8. Chayon Technologies owns ELK Information Technologies and operates the brands Get Deal and BIG.


The Group’s clients include the Shomron Settlement Regional Council, Jewish National Fund (JNF), Israel Electric Corporation (IEC), the Israeli Ministry of Defense (IMOD), and military companies including: Rafael Advanced Systems, Elbit Systems, Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI).

The company’s clients also include Israeli financial institutions like: First International Bank of Israel (Bank HaBenleumi), Israel Discount Bank, Phoenix Insurance, Israel Credit Cards (Cal.), and Migdal Insurance.

In addition, the company has a wide range of private corporate and non-corporate clients, including: Infinite, Shuttle, Samsung, McAfee, Vmware, Microsoft, Nutanix, NetApp, Trend Micro, Juniper Networks, Fujitsu, Aruba, Tufin, Continuity Software, Check Point, Dell Technologies, F5, Fortinet, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Bezeq, Yes, Keshet, Yediot Ahronot, Kinneret Academic College, Mayanei HaYeshua Medical Center, MER group, El-Al, Danya Cebus Ltd., Amdocs, Cellcom, SafeCharge, Teva, IAI Elta, LABS, Israel Nature and Parks Authority, Academic Center for Law and Science, Play tech.

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