First Solar

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פירסט סולר

A US-based global provider of solar based energy equipment. The company designs, manufactures and sells Photovoltaic (PV) solar modules. The company has three factories based in the USA, Malaysia and Vietnam.

Field visits in June 2016 and October 2017 by Who Profits revealed stacks of the company's solar panels in the Kalia field, located in Kalia settlement in the occupied Jordan Valley. The Kalia field has approximately 104,000 solar panels, occupying 135,000 sq meters of Palestinian land. The Kalia field was built through a joint venture between Clal Sun Ltd and Kibbutz Kalia - a settlement in the occupied Jordan Valley.

During the field visits conducted by Who Profits, all of the solar panels documented, both installed and uninstalled, were manufactured by First Solar.

First Solar also provided 400,00 solar panels to Israel's biggest solar field located in Ramat Hovav (Neot Hovav) Industrial Zone in the Naqab. Ramat Hovav solar commercial field has been operating since December 2014, producing 37.5 MW of electricity.