Clal Industries

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כלל תעשיות

A large private Israeli investment company with holdings in heavy industry, biotechnology, hi-tech and energy companies.

Through its fully owned subsidiary Nesher Israel Cement Enterprises, the company holds a monopoly over the Israeli and Palestinian cement markets. Since Nesher sells more than 85% of all cement in Israel, it is safe to assume that the separation wall, checkpoints, settlements and Israeli infrastructure in occupied territory were all built using cement purchased from the company.

Nesher products were recorded in construction sites in the settlements of Alfei MenasheKedumim and Ma’ale Adumim in the occupied West Bank and in the Har Homa settlement neighborhood in occupied East Jerusalem. Nesher cement bags were also documented during the construction of the Jerusalem light rail, a transportation project that connects settlement neighborhoods in East Jerusalem to the city center of West Jerusalem.

Following calls from Amnesty International to clarify the company’s involvement in the construction of the separation wall, CRH, then a major shareholder, admitted in 2004 that “in all probability” Nesher cement is being used in the construction of the Wall.

Nesher has a monopoly on the Palestinian cement market. According to a 2014 publication by Nesher, “Revenues from the Palestinian Authority, which is the largest customer of the company, are historically 20% of total revenues”. Through an agreement with the Palestinian Authority and its fully owned Palestinian Commercial Services Company (PCSC), the West Bank and the Gaza strip constitute a captive market for Nesher’s cement. Moreover, the company actively tried to block Jordanian competitors from operating in the Palestinian market, either through claims over ‘dumping prices’ by Jordanian exporters or through the actions of company personnel in Allenby border crossing.

Under the framework of the UN-sponsored agreement for the reconstruction of Gaza, Nesher gained profit from the aid funds invested in the rebuilding of the Strip.

Clal Sun, a 50% subsidiary of Clal Industries, specializes in the development and construction of solar energy projects. Among its projects is Kalia project, a joint project of Clal Sun Ltd and Kibbutz Kalia, an Israeli settlement in the West Bank. The project is one of the three largest commercial solar fields that have been built on occupied Palestinian land. The takes up 135,000 square meters of Palestinian land, all owned by Kalia. The 10.8 Mega Watts project is connected to the high-voltage power grid.

Clal Industries also holds a 52% stake in Golf & Co. Group, an Israeli retail store which operates branches in the settlement neighborhoods of Pisgat Ze’ev and Ramot in East Jerusalem and in the settlement of Maale Adumim in the West Bank.