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An Israeli global provider of irrigation technologies.

In 2004, Netafim accompanied and contributed the equipment for an experiment on the effect of feeding canals on the yield and fruit size of lemons in the settlement of Masua in the Jordan Valley, occupied West Bank.

In 2009, Netafim provided irrigation technologies for an experiment in controlling the size of olive trees in the settlement of Geshur in the occupied Syrian Golan.

In 2012, the company provided irrigation technologies for the betterment of grapevines in a commercial crop of cabernet sauvignon grapes in the settlement of Dolev in the West Bank. The project is part of an agricultural experiment of the research and development institute in the Jordan Valley. Following this project, Netafim participated in a conference about growing grapevines in the mountain area that took place in the University of Ariel settlement in 2016.

In 2013-2014, Netafim developed and provided irrigation technologies for watermelon crops in the settlement of Kalia in the Jordan Valley.

In 2014, the company provided irrigation technologies and services to the Mount Hebron settlement regional council and the settlement of Maskiot in the West Bank.

In 2014-2020, Netafim provided products and developed irrigation technologies for research on irrigation methods for growing Mejdool dates in the Jordan Valley, which took place in the settlement of Gilgal. The company also co-authored research papers on the findings with the Jordan Valley R&D Center.

In 2019, a computerized Netafim drip irrigation and fertilization system was installed in blueberry fields in the Syrian Golan.

In 2021, a Netafim representative participated in a conference on apple irrigation and fertilization in the settlement of Merom Golan in the Syrian Golan.

Through its regional representatives, Netafim offers its services to settlements in the West Bank and the Syrian Golan.

The company developed the smart irrigation management platform NetBeat™ in collaboration with mPrest Systems, a partially-owned subsidiary (40%) of state-owned military corporation Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, the developer of the Iron Dome command and control system. The digital irrigation platform incorporates mPrest’s military technology, developed specifically for Iron Dome.

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