Who Profits Research Centerع

Who Profits from the Occupation is an independent research center dedicated to exposing the commercial involvement of Israeli and international corporations in the ongoing Israeli occupation of Palestinian and Syrian lands.

Who Profits was founded in 2007 as a project of the Coalition of Women for Peace, and became an independent Research Center in 2013. Our work addresses the economy of the Israeli occupation through three areas of activity: we maintain an online database of complicit corporations; we operate a free online information center; and we publish regular reports and updates on the corporate aspect of the occupation. Through these, we shed light on the role of the private sector in the Israeli settlement enterprise, in economic exploitation of Palestinian and Syrian land, labor and resources, and in the apparatus of control over the occupied population.

The verified and reliable information presented by Who Profits helps grassroots activists, civil society organizations and policymakers to stimulate a candid public conversation regarding the occupation economy and the global and local economic interests that play a critical role in sustaining Israeli control over occupied Palestinian and Syrian land.

Who Profits’ website serves as an Online Database, publically and freely available, with over 500 profiles of companies that are commercially complicit in the occupation.

Who Profits also operates an Information Center through which individuals and civil society organizations can contact us with specific queries regarding companies and their involvement in the occupation. The information we provide then forms the groundwork evidence for further analysis and reports, supporting the broader effort to hold corporations accountable and promote social justice and an end to the Israeli occupation.

Who Profits produces updates, position papers, flash reports and in-depth reports that examine developments and key issues of the economy of the occupation, often with a focus on specific companies, sectors, themes, or news. All publications are available on our website.
Who Profits’ in-depth reports have been an especially significant resource internationally, exposing the role of key companies, such as Ahava or Hewlett Packard (HP) and the inner workings of major sectors and industries,such as the Israeli solar energy industry and the involvement of the Israeli banks.

Over the years, the organization has developed a rigorous methodology for corporate research. Our researchers work primarily with information sources that are open to the public, such as company publications, news articles, official government documents and court verdicts. We also conduct regular investigative field tours to the occupied Palestinian territory and Syrian Golan to collect evidence, and submit Freedom of Information requests to official Israeli bodies.
All company profiles and publications undergo a peer review process and all companies are contacted prior to publication and given the opportunity to comment. This ensures that Who Profits’ information is verified at various stages making the information of the highest accuracy.

* Despite our great efforts to compile and present the most updated and reliable information, this website might still contain inaccuracies or errors. Please contact us with any corrections, comments or questions.

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