Agrexco Is Back in Business

Agrexco renewed its activity in October 2011 under the name Agrexco Carmel agricultural export company. The company, now privately owned by the Bickel group, exports agricultural produce to Europe, North America and South East Asia since January 2012.


Agrexco was the main Israeli agricultural export company until it was formally liquidated in September 2011. The company stopped all its activity and many of the farmers and packing houses that exported their produce through Agrexco started working with other export companies, such as Mehadrin.

Yet, in October 2011, Agrexco renewed its activity, after it was purchased by the Israeli business man Gideon Bickel, the owner of Bickel flowers and of the Bickel export and trade group - an agricultural export company. Formally, Agrexco merged into the Bickel group, but it maintained its brand name and operates as "Agrexco Carmel agricultural export company". The new Agrexco, now a private company headquartered in the Israeli city of Rishon Letzion, employs 125 workers, 80 of them were employed by the former Agrexco.

Since the reestablishment of Agrexco, it has regained contracts with a large percentage of the growers that used to work with the company, including leading flowers, potatoes, avocados, citrus and pomegranates growers. Large agricultural organizations, such as the Israeli farmers association, unions and lobby, expressed their support in the new Agrexco.

Agrexco Carmel agricultural export company regenerated its export to Europe, North America and South East Asia in January 2012, through the Bickel export and trade group. The group operates the export terminal Carmel Kor in the Ashdod port and a loading terminal in Ein Yahav. In October 2011, the company reactivated the Carmel BioTop and Carmel BioFresh ships from the Ashdod port to Seth, Genua and Napoli, through a joint project with the Italian Orsero group and the Israeli Zim. At the same month, the company started operating local branches in the Netherlands, the UK, Switzerland, Germany and France.

From January until June 2012, the new Agrexco exported 100 Ton of produce, including flowers, spices and herbs, peppers, tomatoes, citrus, Strawberries, Avocados, pomegranates and organic produce, in the amount of 120 Million Euro. The company's year's revenues are expected to reach 1 Million NIS.

The company also markets to Europe spices from India, Morocco, Spain and Ethiopia, grapes from Egypt, avocados from South Africa, strawberries from Ethiopia and lime from Brazil. In addition, it grows strawberry crops for export to China, India, South Africa and South America and sells them in the local markets.

The new Agrexco exports Palestinian produce including strawberries and flowers. The strawberry brands of the company are Orli, Sandra, Dazi and Zohar. Agrexco's strawberry brands are in high demand in Europe and are sold in leading chain stores such as the British Marks and Spancer and the Dutch Valdi. On the contrary, in April 2012, the British chain store Co-Op stopped selling settlement products and canceled its contracts with Agrexco, Mehadrin, AdaFresh and Arava, on account of their involvement in the Israeli occupation.