Gvaot Olam Farm - Agriculture (Meshek Ran)

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חוות גבעות עולם

An organic farm and Israeli outpost near the settlement of Itamar in the northern occupied West Bank.

The farm is a one of the largest growers of organic eggs in the Israeli market. It also produces organic dairy products, organic flour and cultivates hundreds of dunams of vineyards.

The farm, one of the first settlement outposts established in the West Bank, was built in 1996 and “legalized” by the Israeli government in 2000. The outpost, built partially on privately owned lands of the residents of the Palestinian village Yanoun, was established by Avri Ran, considered the spiritual father of the "Hilltop Youth" movement.

In April 2012, in an interview to the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, Ran stated: "Unfortunately, I give up on the possibility of selling my products directly, developing my brand and becoming a well-known brand, due to some constraint. [...] Today, 99% of Gvaot Olam's goods is not sold under the name Gvaot Olam." Haaretz correspondent Dafna Arad, who visited the farm's packing house, described how the workers pack the eggs in carton packages carrying different brands labels.

The farm's products are sold all over Israel and in settlements of the West Bank, such as: Ariel, Gush Itzion and Mishor Adumim.