Mehadrin Group - An Update

Following Agrexco’s liquidation, Mehadrin has become one of the most important agricultural companies in Israel.


Mehadrin is a public Israeli company, traded on the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE). 45.41% of the company's shares are held by Property and Building Corporation of the IDB Group, 41.42% of company's shares are held by Pheonix.

The company is engaged, directly as well as through its subsidiaries, in growing, processing and exporting of various fruit and vegetables in Israel and abroad. Mehadrin also provides loans to farmers and agricultural corporations who use their export services. It should be emphasized that the company owns 10,341 acres of orchards, while the rest of the company's products come from the 29,452 hectares of orchards owned by external customers. In addition, the company supplies water for agricultural irrigation and pumps water from its wells for Mekorot - Israel's national water company.

The company's revenues for 2011 were approximately 295185 thousand US$.

Mehadrin exports agricultural products to various countries, mainly in Western Europe, Russia and East Asia.

Brands: TopMehadrin (avocados and mangos), Jaffa, Pri-Or, Sharon (persimmons).

Address: 1 Power Center, Be'erot Itzhak 60905 Tel: (00-972)-(0)3-9371300 Website:

The Company's Involvement in the Occupation:

In its 2011 annual report (published in March 2012), Mehadrin declares that the company is expected to expand as a result of the liquidation of Agrexco (Mehadrin's main competitor), highlighting that it has signed contracts with some of Agrexco's citrus, avocado, persimmon and date growers. Following these developments, the company states it expects an "addition of approximately 1000-1500 tons of dates, mainly of the medjool type... Some of the products are grown in the Jordan Valley and in the Arabah."

In addition, the company owns a packing house for mangoes in the occupied Golan Heights, through its subsidiary Miriam Shoham (50%).

Also, the Mehadrin's logo was seen on a packing house for grapes in the settlement of Beka'ot, in the occupied Jordan Valley.

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