Achdut Factory for Tahini Halva and Sweets (Achdut-Achva)

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אחדות בית חרושת לטחינה חלבה וממתקים בע"מ (אחדות-אחוה)

A private Israeli food manufacturer. The company specializes in the production of sesame products: Tahini, Halva and bakery products sold under the brand name Achva.

The company’s main production and logistics facilities are located in Ariel West IZ, a settlement industrial zone in the occupied West Bank. Ariel West IZ is located on the lands of the Palestinian village of Salfit.

The company operates a baked goods factory and a logistics center which take up 8,000 square meters in Ariel West. In 2017, the company began construction of a second factory in Ariel, at an estimated cost of 25 million NIS, to be financed using company equity capital.

The company is an authorized supplier of the Israeli military. In 2019, the Israeli Ministry of Defense purchased 21 tons of sweets from the company for Israeli soldiers.

The company also receives indemnification from the Israeli Ministry of Economy and Industry under the budget line for the “indemnification of exporters from Judea and Samaria [West Bank] and the Golan” through the Israeli Export Institute. In 2020, the company received NIS 713,824; in 2021, NIS 496,450; and in 2022 it received NIS 89,013.

Interestingly, upon the beginning of the first Palestinian Intifada in 1987, the company decided to stop selling its products to the Palestinian society, which constituted then 25% of the company's sales, and to focus on exporting its products internationally.