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41 Leumi Bank
בנק לאומי
TASE Israel An Israeli commercial bank. In 2022, Bank Leumi granted the Israeli company Breeza Bagiva'a a loan for a project in Alfei...
42 Lidor Real Estate Marketing
לידור מיתוג בע"מ
Private Israel, Occupied Palestinian Territory A marketing company that specializes in real-estate. The company operates branches in Maaleh Adumim and Anatot settlements. ...
43 Magal Security Systems
מגל מערכות ביטחון
NASDAQ Israel Magal Security Systems provides services and products of physical security and cyber security such as smart fences, taut wire syst...
44 Mei-Tal Engineering and Services
מי-טל הנדסה ושירותים
Private Israel A private Israeli construction company. The company is involved in two construction projects in Har Homa settlement neighborhoo...
45 Meitarim Quarry
קבוצת אורון
TASE Israel The company is active in the field of civil engineering and development. The Group manages several companies and subsidiaries in t...
46 Menorah Mivtahim Holdings
מנורה מבטחים אחזקות בע"מ
TASE, Public Israel A publicly-traded Israeli company operating in the all fields relating to life insurance, pension, general insurance and health in...
47 Minrav Group
קבוצת מנרב
TASE Israel A group of companies specializing in construction and engineering services, managed by the publicly traded Israeli company Minrav ...
48 Mishkan Eliyahu Construction and Investment Company
משכן אליהו חברה לבנייה והשקעות
Private Israel A private Israeli development and construction company. Mishkan Eliyahu builds housing and commercial projects in settlements i...
49 Mizrahi Tefahot Bank
בנק מזרחי טפחות
TASE Israel, Mexico, Occupied Palestinian Territory An Israeli commercial bank. The bank accompanies construction projects in settlements constructed on occupied Palestinian terri...
50 Modi'in Ezrachi
מודיעין אזרחי
Private Israel A private Israeli security group that provides security and guarding, armed courier and patrol and surveillance services. The comp...
51 Mordechai Aviv Construction Industries
מרדכי אביב תעשיות בניה
TASE Israel A development and construction company. The company constructs several housing projects in settlements in the West Bank, includ...
52 Nesher Israel Cement Enterprises
נשר מפעלי מלט ישראליים
Private Israel A private Israeli manufacturer and supplier of cement and clinker products for the construction industry. Until September ...
53 Nof Yam Security
נוף ים בטחון
Private Israel A private Israeli security company. The company won an Israeli Ministry of Defense tender to provide security to settlements in...
54 Oron Group
קבוצת אורון
TASE Israel A publicly traded Israeli company active in the fields of civil engineering, infrastructure, real estate and quarrying. Through...
55 Partner Communications (formerly Orange)
פרטנר תקשורת (לשעבר אורנג')
NASDAQ, TASE Israel A publicly traded Israeli Telecommunication Company providing Cellular, Telephone and Internet services. As of August 2021 the ...
56 Peled - Klein Civil Engineering
פלד-קליין הנדסה אזרחית
Private Israel A private Israeli company providing civil engineering services beyond the Green Line. The company has been involved in the plan...
57 Peretz Bonei Hanegev
פרץ בוני הנגב
Private Israel A private Israeli company specializing in construction and real estate. The company built and marketed a residential project in...
58 Peretz Sela Civil Engineering
פרץ סלע הנדסה אזרחית
Private Israel A private Israeli company specializing in road construction. The company has been involved in the construction of two sections ...
59 RE/MAX Holdings
רימקס אחזקות
NYSE USA An American multinational real estate company. The Israeli franchise - RE/MAX Israel, operates a licensed&n...
60 REMAX Israel (Impact Property Developers)
(רימקס ישראל (אימפקט פיתוח נכסים
Private Israel A private Israeli company that holds the Israeli franchise of the global US-based real estate brokerage network RE/MAX. The com...