Nesher Israel Cement Enterprises

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נשר מפעלי מלט ישראליים

A private Israeli manufacturer and supplier of cement and clinker products for the construction industry.

Until September 2020, the company held a monopoly over the Israeli and Palestinian cement markets. Since company products accounted for over 85% of all cement in Israel, it is safe to assume that the Wall, checkpoints, Israeli settlements and infrastructure in the occupied Palestinian territory were all built using cement purchased from the company.

Products of the company were documented in construction sites in the settlements of Alfei MenasheKedumim and Ma’ale Adumim in the occupied West Bank and in the Har Homa settlement neighborhood in occupied East Jerusalem. Nesher cement bags were also documented during the construction of the Jerusalem light rail, a transportation project that connects settlement neighborhoods in East Jerusalem with the western part of the city.

Following calls from Amnesty International to clarify the company’s involvement in the construction of the Wall, CRH management (one of Nesher’s main shareholders at the time) admitted in 2004 that “in all probability” Nesher cement is being used in the construction of the Wall.