Modi'in Ezrachi

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מודיעין אזרחי

A private Israeli security group that provides security and guarding, armed courier and patrol and surveillance services. The company is one of the largest security companies in the Israeli market.

Along with Sheleg Lavan, Modi’in Ezrachi was contracted by the Israeli Ministry of Defense to operate privatized checkpoints. In the framework of this project, all the checkpoints along the Separation Wall apparatus will be privatized. Currently 15 checkpoints have been fully privatized, and one has been partially privatized.

Modi’in Ezrachi operates in the following checkpoints in the West Bank and Gaza Strip: Jalameh (Gilboa), Reihan, Eyal and Hotze Shomron (on Road 5). In addition, the company operates checkpoints in the Jerusalem area, including Qalandia, Sheikh Sa’ad, Anata and Al-Jib (Givat Ze’ev).

For the role of security guards in the checkpoints, the company recruits only former combat soldiers who are eligible to carry a weapon. For the role of security inspectors in the checkpoints, Modi’in Ezrachi recruits people who completed military or national service.

In addition to its operations in checkpoints, Modi'in Ezrachi was also hired by the Israeli Ministry of Construction and Housing to provide security services to Israeli settlement compounds in East Jerusalem. The company’s contractual obligation to protect the settlers in East Jerusalem involves the use of force that result in injury or death. In September 2010, a security guard working for Modi’in Ezrachi shot and killed a Palestinian resident of Silwan in East Jerusalem.

Modi’in Ezrachi also provides security services to police facilities in East Jerusalem and in Ma’ale Adumim. It provided security services to the construction site built on the ruins of the Shepherd Hotel in East Jerusalem and to the Western Wall compound in the Old City of Jerusalem, in addition to the settler organization El’ad in East Jerusalem.

The company provides security services to the Jerusalem light rail, which connects settlement neighborhoods in East Jerusalem to the western part of the city. In May 2013, light rail security guards severely assaulted an 18-year-old Palestinian resident of Jerusalem.

Modi’in Ezrachi has also been contracted by settlement regional councils to provide security services to the settlements themselves, including entry and exit, patrols, control rooms, etc. The company was contracted to provide security services to the settlements of Ariel, Oranit, Sha’arei Tikva, Barkan, Yakir, Ma’ale Shomron, Kiryat Arba and Ma’ale Adumim. The company was also contracted to provide security services to the Mt. Hebron settlement regional council.

The company provided security services to all settlements in the Mateh Binyamin regional council, including 11 outposts. The tender won by the company specifically indicated that the company provides security services to the following settlements in Mateh Binyamin regional council: Ofra, Ateret, Shilo, Shvut Rachel, Eli, Ma’ale Levona, Nachliel, Neria, Talmon, Dolev, Beit Horon, Alon, Kfar Adumim and Nofei Prat.

The company provided security services to businesses in the Mishor Adumim industrial zone. It also won a tender to provide security services for construction sites in Beitar Illit. In addition, the company operates a branch in Ariel settlement in the West Bank.

In 2019, the company won tenders for provision of security and guarding services in Kokhav Yaakov settlement and the settlement-based university Ariel in the West Bank.