The Phoenix Holdings

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הפניקס אחזקות

A publicly-traded Israeli company operating in the fields of insurance, managing financial assets, credit loans and other financial services.

The company owns 80% of a shopping mall located in the settlement neighborhood of Ramot in occupied East Jerusalem.

The company is part of a consortium to finance 80% of the wind energy project Emek Habacha in the occupied Syrian Golan. The project is being established by the Israeli public company Enlight. Click here to read more on Israeli wind energy industry's complicity in the Golan.

The company provided financial support to Neot Hovav's solar field located in the Naqab area. The solar field was established by the Israeli public company Energix. For more on the Israeli solar energy industry's in the Naqab, see Who Profits` report Greenwashing the Naqab: The Israeli Solar Energy Industry.

The company owns 14.8% of The City of Training Bases belonging to the Israeli Ministry of Defense (IMOD). The city contains Israeli military army bases.

The company's subsidiary, Noy 4 Fund, is part of a consortium bidding for the construction, financing, operation and maintenance of the blue and purple lines of the Jerusalem Light Rail (JLR). The JLR connect settlements in occupied East Jerusalem with the western part of the city. Click here to read more on the light rail.

Shares in complicit companies:

Through its subsidiaries, the company holds shares in several companies that are complicit in the Israeli occupation, either through construction on occupied land, bolstering the Israeli security apparatus, exploitation of natural resources and providing services to settlements. It holds 6.45% of the share of Shikun & Binui, 12.03% of the shares of ZMH Hammerman (constituting the largest shareholder of the company), 6.01% of the shares of Formula Systems, 7.91% of Enlight Renewable Energy's shares, 7.06% of Electra's shares, 9.81% of Lesico's shares, 7.86% of Oron Group's shares, 10.28% of Afcon's shares and 7.49% of G1's shares.

Phoenix is also a shareholder (5.21%) in Elbit systems` stocks on TASE, and the only institutional shareholder in the company.

In addition, the company holds shares in different Israeli banks, all of which are involved in construction on occupied land and providing financial services to settlement regional and local councils. It holds 6.77% of Discount Bank's shares, 6.33% of Hapoalim Bank's shares, 7.04% of Leumi Bank's shares and 5.22% of Mizrahi Tefahot Bank's shares.


The company participates in the "Adopt a Soldier" program, whereby it maintains continued contact with Israeli soldiers, visits them during training and during the different operations. The company also provides different educational activities to Israeli youth to prepare them from the army. It also participates in program directed by graduates of the military technological unit 8200.