David Ackerstein Ltd.

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דוד אקרשטיין בע"מ

A provider of management, planning and supervisory services in civil engineering, transportation, construction and infrastructure projects.

David Ackerstein Ltd. is involved in the Jerusalem light rail project, which connects settlements in East Jerusalem to West Jerusalem. It provides planning services for infrastructure relocation in the extension of the Red Line from Pisgat Ze'ev to Neve Yaakov, both settlement neighborhoods in northern East Jerusalem. The company previously provided civil engineering and infrastructure consulting services in the construction of the Red Line, including management of BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer) tenders and advancing planning for the light rail, depot and parking. The company participated in the infrastructure relocation and electricity and development works near the Tzahal Square tunnel along the light rail's first route. It provides ongoing consulting, planning and supervisory services for the Jerusalem mass transit project.

The company managed several roads infrastructure projects in East Jerusalem, including road improvements in section 3 of Highway 50 in southwest East Jerusalem and the regulation of arterial roads in Silwan, a Palestinian neighborhood that has been the target of intensive Judaization efforts. It also managed roads safety projects on Route 5066, Route 90 and Route 35 that serve settlements in the occupied West Bank.

David Ackerstein carried out restoration, development and conservation projects in the Old City in East Jerusalem, including the entrance to Jaffa Gate, El-Wad St. in the Muslim Quarter and the Armenian Patriarchy St. in the Armenian Quarter.

The company managed the Park & Ride in the Pisgat Ze'ev settlement and a project in the Atarot B Industrial Zone.

It provided the Israel Electric Corporation with planning, management and supervisory services for electricity infrastructure projects, including in a substation in the Har Homa settlement neighborhood in East Jerusalem. Work included infrastructure works, construction and large scale horizontal drilling.

The company also works with local and regional councils in the West Bank. It managed a project in the sewage treatment plant in the Beit Aryeh settlement as well as infrastructure and residential development projects in the settlement, and was involved in the installation of water pipes in the settlement of Har Adar.

The company's client list includes the Ma'ale Adumin Municipality, Mateh Binyamin Regional Council, Beit Aryeh Local Council, The Economic Co. for the Development of Ma'aleh Adumim.