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Herrenknecht is a supplier of technology solutions in mechanized tunneling for tunnel infrastructure, as well as for underground energy sources and raw materials extraction.

In 2019, the company’s products were documented by Who Profits in the construction of Mekorot’s new bypass pipe line in the Palestinian village of Bardala. The Bypass pipeline is meant to provide water to Israel’s illegal settlements and deepen Israel’s control over Palestinians` water supply, while exploiting Palestinians natural resources. Read more on the bypass pipe line in our update In the Pipeline: Israeli Bypass Water Project in the Jordan Valley.

In 2011, Herrenknecht supplied 3 TBM’s (Tunnel Boring Machines) for the excavation of tunnel No. 1 (section B) and tunnel No. 3 (section C) of the Tel Aviv-Jerusalem fast train (A1 train).

The Herrenknecht TBM’s were costume made for the specific type of land in which the tunnels are located. Thus, the company is well aware that their machines are used for mining in occupied Palestinian land.

The TBM is a massive scale machine used to excavate tunnels. The machine operates as an independent work unit, which includes a control room inside the machine.

The machines were made in Germany by Herrenknecht, which is also the manufacturer of the concrete segment’s factory equipment for tunnel lining. The concrete segments for tunnel lining are produced with the help of a carousel plant supplied by Herrenknecht Formwork.

The company also supplied a curing tunnel with heating system. At the end of the work, the machines can be sold back to Herrenknecht, which renovates and re-sales it to other large-scale projects.

In addition, the company’s fully owned subsidiary, H+E Logistic, provided a conveyor belt system for the transportation of excavated material during the construction of tunnel No. 3 for the A1 train.