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1 A. Barkan and Co.
א. ברקן יזום, ניהול ובניה'
Private Israel A private Israeli construction company. Currently, the company is involved in the construction project “Barkan in Ariel&r...
2 A. Hezi Building and Investment Co.
א. חזי חברה לבנין והשקעות בע"מ
Private Israel A private Israeli construction company. A. Hezi Building and Investment is building 36 housing units in Gilo Hillside in the Ea...
3 A.B. Plan
א.ב. פלאן
Private Israel The company provides economic planning services to transportation projects. In 2008, the company submitted a report about the A...
4 Ackerstein Industries
אקרשטיין תעשיות
Private Israel The Israel-based company manufactures paving stones, concrete walls, roof tiles and other products for the construction industry. ...
5 Africa Israel Investments
אפריקה ישראל להשקעות
TASE Israel A holdings and investment company active in real estate, construction and infrastructure, industry and hotels. The company'...
6 Agrotop
Private Israel A private Israel-based global company specializing in livestock and agro-construction projects. In 2012, Agrotop's parent c...
7 Ahuzat Adi Construction Company
אחוזת עדי חברה לבניה
Private Israel A private construction company. The company is involved in several construction projects in Maaleh Adumim. The project is part ...
8 Almog C.D.A.Y
אלמוג כ.ד.א.י.
Private Israel A private Israeli development and construction company. The company constructed Almog Center, a commercial center in the settle...
9 Amos Hadar Properties and Investments (Hadar Group)
עמוס הדר נכסים והשקעות (קבוצת הדר)
TASE Israel A construction and real estate group. Its full subsidiary and construction executer, Kir Had, has constructed 11 housing projec...
10 Amy Metom Engineers and Consultants
אמי מתום מהנדסים ויועצים
Private Israel A private Israeli engineering consultancy firm specializing in infrastructure engineering, design and project management. The c...
11 Ashdar Building Company
TASE Israel A construction company, which develops, builds and markets residential neighborhoods. Ashdar also rents office and industrial spac...
12 Ashtrom Group
קבוצת אשטרום בע"מ
TASE Israel Ashtrom is one of the largest Israeli construction and infrastructure companies, operating in the areas of contracting, franchisin...
13 Avi Cranes
אבי מנופים
Private Israel A supplier of heavy lift services by renting and operating cranes and access equipment. Company cranes were used fo...
14 Avisror Moshe & Sons
אביסרור משה ובניו
Private Israel A private Israeli construction and real estate company. The company is involved in two construction projects in Har Homa settle...
15 B. Yair Building Corporation
ב.יאיר- קבוצת בנייה ויזמות בארץ ובחו
TASE Israel The company specializes in the construction, development, design and marketing of real estate projects. In the occupied West Ba...
16 Barad Earth Development & Road Works
ברעד חברה לעבודות עפר פיתוח וכבישים בע"מ
Private Israel Barad Earth Development & Road Works Ltd. is a private Israeli construction company. It is involved in construction projects o...
17 Baran Group
קבוצת ברן בע"מ
TASE Israel Baran Group is a publicly-traded Israeli civil engineering, technology, telecommunication and construction solution provider with ...
18 Bardarian Brothers
אחים ברדריאן
Private Israel A private Israeli construction and infrastructure company. The company was one of the selected contractors that won the Israeli...
19 Benny & Tzvika
בני וצביקה
Private Israel A private Israeli demolition contractor specializing in demolition works and recycling of construction waste. The company carri...
20 Binyanei Bar Amana Construction and Development
בנייני בר-אמנה
Private Occupied Palestinian Territory The company is a subsidiary of the settlement movement Amana which is involved in construction in settlements and outposts. Th...