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A private manufacturer of compaction equipment based in Germany. Part of the FAYAT Group.

Machinery of the company was used in the paving of roads leading to settlements in the occupied West Bank, including apartheid roads which are only for Israelis, and roads at checkpoints.

On 4 February 2017, Bomag heavy machinery was documented at the construction site of the Nabi Elias Bypass Road, a new settler road near the Palestinian village of Nabi Elias in the occupied West Bank.

According to media coverage, the bypass road will involve the expropriation of 25 acres of Palestinian land - including a total 700 olive trees - belonging to the Palestinian villages of Izbat Tabib, Azzun, and Nabi Elias, just east of Ramallah. Attempts by Palestinian landowners to petition the Israeli High Court against the plan have been rejected. According to the head of Nabi Elias' village council, Raed Khalif, those who will be able to prove ownership over the land will receive nominal compensation for their stolen property, property on which their livelihood depends.

In March 2010, Who Profits research team has documented an roller manufactured by the company, at the construction site of the new Tel Aviv-Jerusalem fast train line (A1), near the settlement of Mevo Horon. The new train route crosses into the occupied Palestinian territory in two areas (For further information, see Who Profits full report on the A1 train).

In 2008 and 2009 Bomag rollers were documented in Jaba'  and Huwara checkpoints.

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