Z.M.H. Hammermanצ.מ.ח. המרמן

Head office: 10 Prof. Dan Shechtman, Hadera, 3811001, Israel Tel: +972-4-9049999 www.zhg.co.il

A public Israeli construction and real estate company.

The company is involved in the construction of 130 apartments and a commercial center in the settlement of Alfei Menashe in the occupied West Bank.

The company was also involved in a construction project in the settlement of Har Homa in occupied East Jerusalem.

Between the years 2011-2017, the company’s subsidiary Giltek Infrastructure Works was involved in infrastructure work for the Israeli Ministry of Defense (IMOD).


Major shareholders include: Battalion Initiatives (11.31%); Hapheonix (11.31%); Rovgil Adi (10.06%); Feiglin Family (13.24%); Ben Avraham Family (9.45%); Alteshuler Shaham (5.44%).

Chairman- Avraham Ben Avi

CEO- Feiglin Haim


Giltek Infradtructure Works Ltd. (100%); K.Z.H Construction and Infrastructure Ltd. (100%); K.Z.H 1 Ltd. (100%); Malgam Manpower Management Ltd. (100%); Kiboli Assets and Investments (50%); K.Z. City Gate Management and Holding Ltd. (50%); Even Hashoham Group (50%); Sivan Bizua Ltd. (50%).


In 2019, the company reached an agreement with Holmes Place International to establish a shared company to construct and operate in sports and entertainment center in Israel.

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