Land of Choice Olive Oil (Meshek Achiya)(ארץ זית שמן מובחר (משק אחיה

Head Office: Meshek Achiya, Shilo Settlement, occupied Palestinian territories P.O.B 9422, Shilo 44830 Tel: +972-2-9401313

The company produces and markets olive oil.

The company is located in the settlement of Shilo, and operates an olive press in Achiya settlement, where the company also holds a visiting center.

The company’s products are sold in the following settlements in the West bank and the occupied Syrian Golan: Ofra, Eli, Shilo, Maaleh Adumim, Shvut Rachel, Elkana, Binyamin industrial zone, Oranit, Karnei Shomron, Ariel and Hispin.


The company is owned by Amir Yosef Birnbaum (6.6%), Moshe Namdar (38%), Audre Leiman (38%), Matityahu Pinhas Etzion (6.6%), Ilan Hershfield (4%) and Yigal Nave (6.6%).


The company operates another commercial entity under the name: Meshek Achiya Vineyard, which has the same ownership structure.


Company products are sold in the following chains: Mega, Shefa Shuk, Rami Levy, Hetzi Hinam and Nizat Haduvdevan.

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