HeidelbergCementהיידלברג צמנט

Berliner Strasse 669120, Heidelberg, Germany Tel: +49 6221 481-13 227 www.heidelbergcement.com


One of the world’s largest building materials companies.

Since 2007, and through its Israeli subsidiary Hanson Israel, the company owns and operates the Nahal Raba quarry located on lands belonging to the Palestinian village of Al-Zawiya in the occupied West Bank.

In February 2019, the Israeli military announced the confiscation of more than 98 dunums of land from Rafat village, for the purpose of allocating the area for Hanson Israel and the Nahal Raba quarry. As a response to public questioning, HeidelbergCement stated it does ‘not intend to extend [its] own quarrying business’ but rather that the permit extension is a ‘mere measure to ensure the sale of the quarry’. Up to the moment of profiling the company the quarry is still operated by HeidelbergCement.

Through operating a quarry in occupied West Bank, the company is involved in the illegal exploitation of occupied natural resources. In addition, the company is involved in the construction and expansion of illegal settlements. Hanson Israel concrete truck was documented delivering concrete to the expansion of the Barkan settlement industrial zone.

On June 20th 2016, a Hanson truck was documented delivering construction raw material to a construction zone in Ofarim settlement, an Israeli settlement, located near the Palestinian village al-Lubban al-Gharbi, 3.8 km east of the Green Line in the occupied West Bank.

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Major shareholders: Spohn Cement Beteiligungen GmbH (27.71%); BlackRock, Inc. (4.92%); Artisan Partners Asset Management Inc. (3.16%)

Chairman of board: Dominik von Achten


The company holds hundreds of subsidiaries worldwide.

Company subsidiaries in Israel are Hanson (Israel) Ltd (99.98%); Hanson Quarry Products (Israel) Ltd. (99.98%); Hanson Yam Limited Partnership (99.98%)

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