Carmel Industries (I.L.)כרמל תעשיות (אי.אל) בע"מ

Head Office: 2 HaEtzel St., Rishon LeZion 75706, Israel Tel.: +972-3-9061900 | Factory: Shaked I.Z., Shaked 37862, Occupied Palestinian Territory

Industrial Zone
Global Presence

A private Israeli company that manufactures and markets carpets for domestic and international export. Part of the Carmel Group.

The company’s main factory is located in the Shahak Industrial Zone, part of the settlement of Shaked in the northern part of the occupied West Bank. Carmel Floor Design Ltd., a carpet manufacturer active under the Carmel Group brand, operates a factory in the Barkan I.Z.

In 2016, Carmel Industries received a governmental grant of NIS 8,950,000 from the Israeli Ministry of Economy for expanding its synthetic grass and carpets manufacturing factories in the Barkan and Shahak industrial zones. The grant was given in accordance with the Law for the Incentivizing of Capital Investment 1959.


Part of the Carmel Group, owned by the Eitani family.

Carmel Industries’ revenue in 2016 was USD 22 million.

Carmel Industries is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Carmel Holdings (I.L.), formerly known as Beitili Ltd. Carmel Floor Design Ltd., a carpet manufacturer sold under the Carmel Group brand, is another wholly owned subsidiary of Carmel Holdings. Carmel Floor Design’s revenue (2015) was USD 14.67 million. Carmel Holdings’ revenue (2016) was USD 96.87 million.

Carmel Holdings’ shareholders include: Ofer Eitani, Haim Eitani, Aviv Eitani, Norstar Israel, Carmel Investments (I.L.), Hasufit Holdings, Pasiflora Holdings, Nazranit Holdings, VSD Investments and Carmel Holdings (I.L.)

Directors: Ofer, Haim and Aviv Eitani


Carmel Industries formerly owned 50% of Shaked Carpets Ltd, located in the Barkan IZ in the West Bank.


The Carmel Group represents the following international brands in the Israel market: The Mohawk Group, Sinetica, Tacchini, Nowy Styl Group, Knoll, IVC and EGE.

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