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ABB Group is a publicly traded Swedish-Swiss multinational corporation manufacturing electrification products, robotics and motion and industrial automation. The Group serves customers in utilities, industry, transport and infrastructure.

In October 2017, ABB Group equipment was documented by Who Profits at the Kalia settlement solar energy field in the Jordan Valley in the occupied West Bank. The specific product documented was the 1SL0221A00, an industrial electrical enclosure. The Kalia Solar Field is a joint project of Clal Sun Ltd and Kibbutz Kalia, a settlement in the occupied Jordan Valley. The Field is one of the largest commercial solar fields built on occupied Palestinian land. The project’s facility stretches over 135,000 square meters of Palestinian land. The 10.8 MW project is now connected to the high-voltage power grid.

ABB Group’s solar invertors were also used in one of Israel’s largest solar fields in the Negev. The 55MW plant in the western part of the Negev was planned and funded by Enlight Renewable Energy, an Israeli company that builds and operates solar and wind power facilities. In total, 36 ABB ULTRA-1400 inverters were used in this project which is brining electricity to 18,000 households in Israel. In close proximity to this solar field live Palestinian citizens of Israel in what is deemed “unrecognized” villages with no access to public services including electricity.

ABB’s entry to the Israeli solar energy industry started in 2012 with the installation of solar panels on top of cowsheds at kibbutz Yifat. The around $11 million project generates 3MW of electricity, financed by Bank Haboalim and is owned by RAPAC Infrastructure and communication Ltd. (25%), Dolar Solar (25%) and Reft HaEmek, a consortium bringing together Kibbutz Yifat, Magiddo and Mirhavia (50%).

The company is also involved on providing security systems to electrical substations, one of them being the Beitar substation which provides electricity to settlements in the occupied West Bank.

In addition to the supply of equipment to Israeli companies, ABB Group, through its corporate venture arm, ABB Technology Ventures (ATV), invests millions of dollars in a number of Israeli companies and startups such as PountGrab, TaKaDu and Pentalum.

In 2018, the company got contracted to build the infrastructure that will connect a new wind farm on occupied Western Sahara to Morocco’s national electricity grid.

ABB Group also has an industrial cooperation agreement with the Israeli Industrial Cooperation Authority.

Company Response

Dear Madam, Sir

This is to confirm receipt of your letter dated November 9, 2017, requesting us to respond on your planned publication about certain businesses of the ABB Group.

We confirm that the draft statements you have submitted to us for review are basically correct. We suggest the following amendments:

·       As regards your proposed list of Partners, Doral Solar is a local customer, but not a strategic business partner of ABB.

·       For correct quotation of our 2016 revenues, kindly note that they amount to 33,379,000,000 USD.

ABB is strongly committed to doing business in compliance with all applicable international regulations, and we consider the business cases you are referring to in your letter to be in line with this principle.

Yours sincerely,


Adrienne Williams

Head of Corporate Responsibility

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8050 Zurich, Switzerland
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Major shareholders: Investor AB (12.2%); Cevian Capital II GP Limited (4.89%); BlackRock Inc. (3.36%); The Capital Group Companies Inc. (3.03%)

Chairman- Peter Voser

CEO- Bjorn Rosengren


The company owns 89 subsidiaries worldwide.

The company’s Israeli subsidiary is ABB Technologies Ltd.


ABB collaborates with the Israeli cybersecurity companies SCADAfence and Check Point, along with Microsoft and Fotinet for the development of OT infrastructure.

Other partners include: Mekorot- Israel National Water Corporation; Israel electricity Company; Israel Airports Authority; Formula E; HPE; Microsoft; HUAWEI; Dassault Systems; IBM; Ericsson

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