Amos Hadar Properties and Investments (Hadar Group)

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עמוס הדר נכסים והשקעות (קבוצת הדר)

A construction and real estate group.

Its full subsidiary and construction executer, Kir Had, has constructed 11 housing projects in the Ma'ale Adumim settlement in the occupied West Bank, and as of 2010 it is the major constructor of residential construction in Ma'aleh Adumim. In fact from 2011 until today the company has constructed 5 housing projects consisting of 165 housing units in Ma'ale Adomim alone.

Today the company is marketing its three main projects, all of which are located in Ma'ale Adumim. The projects are: Ma'aleh Hadar project, over 30 buildings taking up 18,200 square meters, Hadar boutique project, a high rise building with 17 housing units, and Medoragi Hadar a construction project that includes 10 buildings with 60 housing units, taking up over 6,000 square meters.

The executing contractor of several projects in Ma'aleh Adumim is another full subsidiary of the group: Mitzpor Adumim. The construction projects are funded by Bank Leumi and Mizrahi Tefahot Bank in accompaniment agreements given to Mitzpor Adumim. In 2015, Mizrahi Bank and Bank Leumi provided the group of Mitzpor Adumim with financial support that reached 51 million NIS (18 million NIS from Bank Leumi and 33 million NIS from Mizrahi Bank).

The company is also a holder of 2,800 square meters in the settlement neighborhood of Pisgat Zeev in occupied East Jerusalem that are invested for agricultural use and future construction of shopping areas.

Additionally, the group holds 50% of the shares of Hadkirsh (Givat Ze'ev), which is in advanced stages of registering development and building rights on the land of the Palestinian village of Al Jib in the West Bank, near the settlement of Givat Ze'ev.

Hadkirsh (Givat Zeev) was registered during the Oslo accords in Ramallah as a company in the occupied territory in order to bypass the legal limitations of getting the rights for the land. Because an Israeli company cannot legally own a company which is registered in the occupied territory, the shares of Hadkirsh are held by Amos Hadar, the main shareholder of Kir Had, in trusteeship for Kir Had.