Benny & Tzvika

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בני וצביקה

A private Israeli demolition contractor specializing in demolition works and recycling of construction waste.

The company carried out punitive demolitions in the Palestinian neighborhoods of Silwan and Ras Al-Amood in occupied East Jerusalem as far back as 2003, and continued to perform demolitions in recent years. Among its clients are the Jerusalem Municipality, the Israeli Ministry of Interior and the Israeli Civil Administration. The company describes itself as “the leading demolition company in the Israeli market.”

On 9 January 2011, a Caterpillar 330DL excavator, displaying the Benny & Tzvika logo, was documented demolishing the Shepherd Hotel in the Palestinian neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah in occupied East Jerusalem. The hotel was a historical building, previously owned by the Husseini family. After 1967, it was declared “absentee property” and confiscated by the Israeli government, which sold it to Irving Moskowitz, a Jewish-American businessman and patron of Israeli settlements in East Jerusalem. The new Jewish housing project built instead of the hotel was the first settlement construction project in Sheikh Jarrah since 1967.

In 2012, the company was contracted to crush, sift and manufacture aggregates in the settlement of Modi’in Illit in the occupied West Bank.  The project was accompanied by Israel Discount Bank, which held as collateral all rights and funds owed to the company under the contract.

In 2016, the company won a tender published by the Jerusalem Municipality to operate a construction waste station in occupied East Jerusalem. The operator is responsible for processing the waste and deliver the aggregates for reuse in infrastructure work.

In 2018, the company won a tender published by the Jerusalem Municipality to clear construction waste in the ‘seam zone’ area, the occupied area located between the Green Line and the Separation Wall. The company won a similar tender in 2013.