A. Hezi Building and Investment Co.

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א. חזי חברה לבנין והשקעות בע"מ

A private Israeli construction company.

A. Hezi Building and Investment is building 36 housing units in Gilo Hillside in the East Jerusalem settlement neighborhood of Gilo. The project is carried out under a tender of NIS 6.5 million, with development expenses of NIS 13.6 million, awarded to the company on 24 August 2014. Mercantile Discount Bank is accompanying the project, holding as collateral all the rights of the company in the project and all its rights to receive any funds in relation to this project, including from the Israeli tax authorities and from homebuyers in the project.

In 2015, together with Roni Engineering (T.N.P.) Ltd., the company built residential project "Gilo Gardens" in Gilo.