Bardarian Brothers

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אחים ברדריאן

A private Israeli construction and infrastructure company.

The company was one of the selected contractors that won the Israeli Ministry of Defense tender for infrastructure works along the Annexation Wall, carrying out two sections of the wall.

The company was contracted in 2010 to provide reinforced walls and steel crash barriers to the 20/50 Interchange in the northern part of occupied East Jerusalem. Road No. 20 connects the settlements neighborhoods of Pisgat Ze'ev and Neve Ya'acov to West Jerusalem and to Road 443, thus consolidating Israeli control over East Jerusalem.

The company has also executed numerous infrastructure projects in settlements in the occupied Palestinian territory, including in the settlements of Beitar Illit, Efrat, Adam and Givat Zeev in the occupied West Bank and the settlement neighborhoods of Neve Yaakov and Pisgat Zeev in occupied East Jerusalem.

In 2013, Leumi Bank extended credit to the company to conduct road and infrastructure works in the Neve Ya'akov's settlement neighborhood, in accordance with a contract that the company signed with the Israeli Ministry of Construction and Housing in May 2013. The company provided as collateral to the bank all of its rights in connection with the contract.

Hapoalim Bank also accompanied an infrastructure project of the company in Hill C of the settlement of Beitar Illit, on the basis of a contract with the Israeli company Adi Hadar. The bank holds as collateral all rights and funds owed to the company for the project.

Bardarian Brothers also received credit from Leumi Bank to conduct road paving, development and infrastructure works in the settlement of Givat Ze'ev in 2013. Leumi Bank held as collateral all the company's rights in relation to the contract with the Givat Ze'ev Regional Council and the company Local Government Economic Services, which hired Bardarian Brothers to execute this project.

In February 2018, the company won a tender to carry out development work for the Green Line of the Jerusalem light rail. The line will connect the settlement neighborhood of Gilo in occupied East Jerusalem to the western part of the city and to Mt. Scopus in northern East Jerusalem.

Avraham Bardarian, a subsidiary of the company, carried out infrastructure works in the settlement of Efrat in the occupied West Bank.

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